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5 Travel Destinations In KSA We Can't Wait To Visit Once This Is All Over

Stuck at home and suffering with a severe case of wanderlust? Same.

Since social distancing  is a must to help contain the COVID-19 pandemic, many countries around the world are on lockdown. What’s the first thing we’re going to do once this is all over? Hit up these amazing locations in Saudi Arabia and make it the trip of a lifetime. Yes, we’re barely a few days in self-quarantining and we’re already writing up post-COVID travel bucket lists. Dream big right? In the meantime, enjoy from the comfort of your bed all the Kingdom has to offer.

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1. Al Ula in all its majesty

Sharaan is on the bucket-list of every adventurous soul in the world. The natural reserve boasts 925-square kilometer space in the middle of Al Ula, rich in stunning rock formations and archeological phenomena. Don’t forget to say hi to Nubian ibexes, red-necked ostriches, and Idmi gazelles... Another landmark will sweep you off your feet is Madaen Al Saleh!  Despite it being called The Lonely Castle, this gem is actually an ancient tomb built as part of the ancient Nabatean site of Hegra. Don't miss out on this standalone monument!

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2. The Fifa Mountains, a prime hiking destination

Sweet dreams are made of lush greenery and that’s exactly what the Fifa Mountains offer. Imagine how a sunrise would like in this Jizan gem - makes the early wake up call worth it!

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3. Umluj for the island hoppers

The Maldives have landed in the Kingdom and they’re called Umluj! Located in Tabuk, this little piece of heaven enables you to enjoy its pristine waters, pink sunsets, and scrumptious fish... We’re looking forward to book our Umluj getaway post-COVID-19.

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4. Uqair for the history geeks

Binding history and fun, Uqair is the local town escape you’ve always wanted! You’ll absolutely love wandering in this city’s old port and eponymous fortress. Here’s a full travel guide on this Hofuf coastal gem.

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5. Rijal Alma in all it’s colorful glory

In this self-quarantine, our Instagram feeds are kind of drying off… This stone village in Asir is bound to refresh your online aesthetic, just look at it! Be sure to grab a traditional flower crown from this heritage village.

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