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Exploring the Art-Science Intersection: SASCA's Exhibition Unveils 25 Works

An exhibition featuring 25 works of art that explore the intersection between science and art has opened in Jeddah, hosted by the Saudi Arabian Society for Culture and Arts (SASCA). This marks the second year that the arts society has hosted an exhibition in partnership with King Abdulaziz University's Biology Club. Mohammed Al-Subaih, the organization's director-general, and Mona Al-Harbi, vice dean of the College of Science, attended the event along with local artists and parents.

At the opening ceremony, fifteen female students showcased their paintings, sketches, and various works. Their chosen subjects spanned across the body’s intricate systems, the celestial bodies of the solar system, the complexities of the human mind, the wonders of the natural world, diverse fauna, mathematical concepts, computer programming, and the pressing issue of global warming. Al-Subaih commended the students for their remarkable contributions, emphasizing the exhibition's role in cultivating cultural appreciation and fostering artistic expression within the community.

Al-Harbi underlined the importance of the science-art show, pointing out that it can help people combine their creative and analytical skills to create new links between concepts and discover the world via the arts. She highlighted how the exhibition bridges the gap between art and science by providing a platform for students and other participants to explore and express their artistic inclinations. The overarching aim, she explained, is to inspire students to harness their artistic talents and create visual representations that resonate with the scientific knowledge they have acquired.

In alignment with the broader national efforts to bolster cultural initiatives under Saudi Vision 2030, SASCA has launched Thaqqif, an art training institute. Thaqqif aims to nurture young talents by providing them with comprehensive training and equipping them with the necessary creative tools. The institute offers a diverse array of courses encompassing fine arts, photography, calligraphy, digital arts and design, art criticism, music, theater, folklore arts, filmmaking, and cinema, thereby enriching Saudi Arabia's cultural landscape and fostering artistic excellence.

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