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Saudi Opera Singer Sawsan Albahiti Performs at KSA’s First Grand Opera

The singer takes centre-stage at the first Saudi grand opera, Zarqa Al Yamama

Sawsan Albahiti, Amelia Wawrzon and Reemaz Oqbi

Led by the Saudi Theater & Performing Arts Commission, "Zarqa Al Yamama" opera recounts the ancient tale of a wise woman renowned for her ability to predict the future. The production boasts contributions from both Saudi and international talents, featuring Saudi librettist Saleh Zamanan, composer Lee Bradshaw, producer Ivan Vukcevic, stage director Daniele Finzi Pasca, Saudi set and decor designer Maysa AlRowaished, and the esteemed Dame Sarah Conolly in the lead role of Zarqa.

"I am incredibly proud that today we have achieved a grand opera in Arabic telling a story from our heritage and it sets a historical record by adding the Kingdom’s addition to the beautiful world of opera. It is a great honor to participate in this production. I gained an incredible experience and learned a lot from all the artists, cast and crew I shared the stage with. I am very grateful for the Theater & Performing Arts commission for their incredible effort in this production,” Sawsan said.

The ongoing opera began on April 25th and will conclude on May 4th at the King Fahd Cultural Center in Riyadh.

Sawsan Albahiti and Amelia Wawrzon

Some of Sawsan’s most notable performances include:

  • Performing alongside Andrea Bocelli at Maraya, AlUla, in January 2024
  • Participating in the opera and ballet presentation of Opera de Paris by Villa Hegra at Maraya, AlUla, in January 2024
  • Performing the Saudi national anthem as the first Saudi woman to do so publicly during the opening of La Scala di Milano's concert in Riyadh, in 2019
  • Participating in the International Opera Festival in Riyadh in 2022
  • Performing at the Joy Awards alongside Ahlam in January 2022
  • Delivering a special performance at the Cirque de Soleil show in Riyadh for Saudi National Day in 2022.
  • Performing at the National History Museum in London in 2023.
  • Participating in the Europe Day concert in Riyadh in 2022.

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