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Bella Hadid Unveils Orebella: A Journey of Healing, Joy, and Love in Every Bottle

Bella Hadid, the celebrated American-Dutch-Palestinian model, has introduced her latest venture: Orebella, featuring its debut line of "skin perfumes." Taking to Instagram, Hadid shared visuals of her fragrances, named “Salted Muse,” “Blooming Fire,” and “Window2Soul.” Presented in glass bottles with elegant gold caps, the perfumes are available in 10 ml, 50 ml, and 100 ml sizes.

In her Instagram caption, Hadid described the fragrances as moisturizing, sans alcohol, and infused with essential oils, prompting followers to shake to initiate the bi-phase formula's revolutionary properties. Each scent boasts a unique blend with "Salted Muse" featuring top notes of sea salt, pink pepper, and carbon dioxide extract, followed by heart notes of olive tree accord, fig, and lavender, and base notes of cedarwood, sandalwood, and amber.


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Similarly, "Blooming Fire" begins with bergamot, cedarwood, clove leaf, and cardamom, progressing to Tahitian monoi and jasmine, and concluding with patchouli.

Meanwhile, "Window2Soul" combines lemon, geranium, and mint in its top notes, transitions to jasmine and damask rose, and finishes with a base of tonka bean.

Scheduled for launch on May 2, Orebella holds personal significance for Hadid. Reflecting on her relationship with fragrance, she expressed how it has always been central to her life, shaping her sense of self and environment. However, her journey led her to discover a sensitivity to alcohol in traditional perfumes, prompting the search for alternatives. This quest led her to explore essential oils, culminating in the creation of Orebella.

Hadid's connection to scent deepened as she tended lavender on her farm and embraced her family's tradition of crafting homemade fragrances, finding solace and joy in nature's aromas. Her passion and dedication merged into Orebella, a realization of her dream to offer an alternative, alcohol-free option to fragrance enthusiasts.

In her reflection, Hadid expressed pride in Orebella's inception, attributing its fruition to authentic dedication and alignment with the universe. For her, Orebella represents more than a business venture; it embodies a journey of healing, joy, and love, encapsulated within the essence of each bottle.

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