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Postcards From Uqair: 4 Facts On The Stunning Saudi Coastal City

Include this hidden gem to your 2020 bucket list!

Saudi Arabia boasts incredible hidden gems that attract locals and tourists alike. Uqair is one of our latest obsessions, this coastal city holds heritage, mystery, and fun all in one place. And so, if you’re a history geek yourself, you’ll absolutely love wandering in this old iconic city that has withstood the test of time. Here are some cool facts around the port city in Al Hofuf:

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1. It’s the first seaport in the Arabian Gulf

Uqair was officially named the first seaport in the Arabian Gulf, the King Abdul Aziz Foundation for Research and Archives discovered that the port was a historical meeting site between the founding king, foreign diplomats, and other political forces in the region. With political, commercial, military, and intellectual impact of the port, it is now part of the national antiquities register, and the warehouses, customs and port buildings were restored.

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2. It’s home to a stupendous beach

Beach lovers, Uqair houses of the most pristine beaches of the Kingdom! From about 65 kilometers from the city of Hofuf, clean waters and sandy shores await thousands of visitors from all corners of the Kingdom.

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3. Uqair was once an economic gateway

Back when the Kingdom was established, the city was labelled as its economic hub: the port was the main access to the east and the center of the country and was the site of major political agreements during the reign of King Abdul Aziz. Once you make your way to Uqair, feel free to picture the powerful events that took place in this city.

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4. It’s home to a beautiful fort of Islamic origin

The iconic port is not the only site that being preserved to the present day. The remnant of an eponymous large fort a major tourist destination in Uqair. The origins of this landmark are believed to be Islamic, but there’s still a bit of mystery revolving around its complete history. The Uqair fort symbolizes the beautiful, diverse cultural landscape of this city and its celebration. We recommend that you visit this fortress around sunset to capture the electrifying colors of the evening.

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