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Our Habitas AlUla: Experience Earth Day 2024

As part of Our Habitas ongoing commitment to our planet and providing guests with experiences that inspire deep connection with nature and ourselves, Our Habitas AlUla highlights immersive, conservation focused activities this Earth Day on 22nd April, 2024. The experience-led resort in the heart of AlUla’s Ashar Valley is set to engage and educate amongst its otherworldly canyon surroundings.

Our Habitas AlUla welcomes visitors with signature, unique programming designed to bring guests together, turning strangers into friends and friends into family. From a pioneering sustainable build model and light-touch design to core conservation initiatives, coexistence with nature is a core value brought to life with grounding and intentional guest experiences.

Earth Day creates a moment of global unity to raise awareness, through learning and intention setting activities Our Habitas AlUla aims to inspire collective community action as we face some of the most pressing global challenges of our lifetime.

 Our Habitas AlUla Earth Day 2024 Program

Native Flora Planting
A hands-on activity to support abundant biodiversity, join Our Habitas AlUla in using advanced data science to select native plant species and identify optimal locations for planting around the property. Factors such as soil conditions, nutrient availability and lighting are carefully considered to create vibrant habitats for local flora.

Nature Exploration and Clean-up
Embark on an immersive 750m nature walk amongst the breathtaking sandstone structures of AlUla. Actively participate in conservation efforts by cleaning natural spaces from debris and man-made litter and identify native wild plants and various rock types scattered through the valley. The experience ends with a Sound Healing Journey at a hidden canyon.

Documentary Screening of “Horizon”
Join an informative 50-minute screening of Netflix's acclaimed documentary "Horizon," showcasing the rich biodiversity and stunning landscapes of Saudi Arabia, from the turtles of the Farasan Islands to the ibex of the Asir Mountains.

Birdwatching with Binoculars
Unwind by Our Habitas AlUla’s captivating infinity pool for a recreational bird-watching session, discovering and learning about a variety of native bird species, including the Arabian Green Bee-eater, Desert Lark and Black Scrub Robin.

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