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Meet The Saudi Women That Dominated Forbes’ Top 10 Powerlist

Who runs the world? Arab women.

Forbes Middle East recently released their top 100 businesswomen in the Arab world, and we’re elated to report that Saudi women dominated the top 10, alongside awesome regional business leaders from all accross the region.

If you’re not familiar with these female powerhouses, these Saudi boss women have climbed up the career ladder to lead top professions in the Kingdom. Not only have they paved the road for young Saudis, but they’re an inspirational voice for Arab youth all around the world.

Behold, Saudi Arabia’s exemplary business titans and women empowerment advocates:

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1. Rania Nashar from Samba Financial Group ranks 3rd

The team at Forbes have had their eyes on Rania Nashar for years now; this is the third time (if not more) that Samba’s CEO earns a spot in the publication’s famous powerlist. Nashar became a CEO of Saudi Arabia’s third-largest bank by assets in 2017 and continues to impress with her involvement in the business committee of the G20. One of the causes held close to her heart is for more women to reach high-ranking leadership roles in the Kingdom, and she’s made it her personal B20 mission. Read more about it here.

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2. Sarah Al Suhaimi from Tawadul ranks 4th

Sarah Al-Suhaimi is the first Saudi woman to be appointed the CEO of Saudi Arabian stock exchange Tawadul. In 2019, the Middle East’s biggest exchange saw the listing of the world’s largest company, Saudi Aramco at a value of $1.7 trillion. Al Suhaimi has been heading up NCB Capital as CEO and board member since March 2014. Does it get any better? Al Suhaimi is a graduate of Harvard University and the King Saud University (#goals). Read more about her here.

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3. Lubna Olayan from Saudi British Bank ranks 5th

A name eponymous with power, Lubna Olayan became the first Saudi woman to serve on the board of a publicly traded company in 2004 for the Saudi Hollandi Bank. One of Saudi Arabia’s most accomplished businesswomen, Olayan retired as CEO of her family business Olayan Financing Company (OFC) after 33 years but stayed as a member of the group’s Corporate Board of Directors, the Shareholders’ Board, and the Olayan Family Council. Olayan added a major career step to her resume in June 2019, she’s chairperson of the third largest bank in the Kingdom, the Saudi British Bank. Read more about her here.

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