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Tourism Alert: 9 Awesome Activities You Can Enjoy in Taif

Al Hada mountains

Located in the southwest of Saudi Arabia in the Mecca province, Taif is not typically the city to be part of one’s travel bucket list. But don’t underestimate this Saudi gem because it boasts natural and cultural landmarks that will turn your stay into a memorable one. Every year, Taif’s festivals have also gathered thousands of people, which led to an increase of the Kingdom’s tourism overall. Without further ado, here are amazing activities to do in Taif:

1. Get lost in Shafa mountains

Views of lush greenery and geological phenomena await you at this hike-worthy location. Don’t forget your cap, snacks, and a camera to capture the amazing Shafa mountains!

2.  Revel at Shubra palace

Built in the early 20th century, Shubra Palace is a remaining stunning vestige of old Taif, which stands out with lattice work windows and balconies. It’s an architecture pleasure to visit this mansion, which was once the home of King Abdul Aziz and King Faisal.

3. Discover Al-Sharif museum

History geeks are sure to gawk at the precious findings of this Taif landmark! This massive heritage museum houses an impressive collection of crafts, artefacts, guns, daggers, swords and many other objects spanning from prehistoric times till the present day.

4. Hike in the Saiysad National park

Anyone feels like a picnic? Make memories at Saiysad National park in the north-east of the city.  You’ll easily spend hours at this urban nature retreat, which is home to sky-high trees, lakes, flowers, and rivers.

5. Shop from artisans at Souq Okaz


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Tick off your trip’s shopping list at this traditional Saudi market! Formerly known as the largest open air market in the Islamic World, you’ll be happy to bump into crafty artisanal exhibits and poetry recitals.

6. Smell the roses from City of Roses itself

A Rose Festival kicks off in Taif every year and attracts hundreds of farmers throughout the region. Taif takes pride for its Rosa Damascan or better known as the damask rose with a robust, spicy and dizzyingly complex perfume. Flower enthusiasts can visit Al Radf Park where they can discover plantations, walk through a gate made of roses, take part in workshops, and buy rose scented products. Be sure to snap a pic next to the rose mascots!

7. Ride a camel

Because you’re in the Kingdom! And guess what? The city holds a yearly Camel Festival because it’s home to one of the oldest camel fields in the world. Read more about it here!

8. Unleash the adrenaline rush during Taif season

Adventurers, this one’s for you! During Taif season, the city hosts some crazy games that are bound to bring out the adrenaline junkie in you. These attractions are open for both men and women and so it’s a great opportunity for families to try a thrilling activity all at once! You can learn more about it here.

9. Capture a memorable sunset at Al Hada

Whether you’re with friends or family, catching a sunset is always a good idea. The Al Hada mountains offer sunset views spectacular enough to make your trip worthwhile. Enjoy!

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