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4 Beauty Secrets from the Middle East

From shea butter instead of chemical-filled lotions, to natural soaps instead of supermarket-stocked body wash, the world is shifting towards local ingredients and more natural beauty regimes! The region offers age-old beauty tricks and tips:

Olive oil

Naturally-pressed, unprocessed, high-quality olive oil has been used by women for thousands of years in the region and for a very good reason. It’s versatile and packed with antioxidants, making it great for your entire body. Olive oil is great when used in massages as it softens the skin, and it can be used in homemade body scrubs and warm hair masks. 

Rose Water

Used in sweets, not many people know how great rose water can be for your skin. It has been said to have anti-inflammatory and anti-stress properties, and it just smells great! So, next time, put some in a small spritzer bottle and spray lightly on your face and arms on a sweaty, sunny day. Wipe your skin with cold rose water first thing in the morning after your shower, to feel relaxed and smell fresh. Or dab some on a cotton ball to cleanse your face at the end of a long day.

Dead Sea Salt

Used for centuries by the peoples of Ancient Egypt to rejuvenate skin and treat certain skin conditions, Dead Sea salt has much less sodium chloride than oceanic salt and is filled with a good balance of minerals that can do wonders. Draw a warm bath, throw in some salt, and have a relaxing and therapeutic soak. Or create a homemade scrub using Dead Sea salt and some olive oil, and scrub those dead skin cells away.

Laurel Soap

Known as Aleppo soap, laurel (or bay leaf) soap is a handmade, hard bar soap made from laurel oil, olive oil, and soda. Because it contains no chemicals or other additives, it is a gentle everyday cleanser perfect for washing, shampooing, and even shaving. And its main ingredient, laurel oil, is said to have antibiotic, anti-fungal, and anti-itching properties.

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