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Alicia Keys Unites with Saudi Pioneers in 'Women to Women' Project, Championing Global and Saudi Cultural Progress

American songstress Alicia Keys participated in the recent third installment of the "Women to Women" initiative in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, alongside influential Saudi women including DJ Cosmicat (Nouf Sufyani), aerospace engineer and commercial pilot Mishaal Ashemimry, visual artist Huda Beydoun, street artist Noura bin Saidan, and Raha Moharrak, the first Saudi woman to conquer Mount Everest. This event, organized by MDLBEAST on International Women’s Day, aimed to bring together female leaders to discuss their contributions to global and Saudi Arabian cultural advancement.

The group of women highlighted the sources of inspiration behind their outstanding accomplishments by sharing their personal stories and the difficulties they encountered in their specialized industries. Alicia Keys expressed her excitement to be a part of the gathering, emphasizing her inspiration drawn from real-life experiences and humanity, which serve as the foundation for her music. She shared her unique journey, shaped by the influence of her single mother and the importance of perseverance and self-trust in achieving success. Keys emphasized the significance of learning from failures and defining personal definitions of success rooted in authenticity and positivity. Keys, known for her musical accolades and commitment to activism, entrepreneurship, and wellness, remains actively involved in her beauty brand, Keys Soulcare.

Mishaal Ashemimry, drawing inspiration from her upbringing in Qassim and her childhood fascination with space, shared her journey to becoming the first Saudi female aerospace engineer and commercial pilot. She encouraged others to pursue their passions, highlighting the importance of perseverance and responsibility in breaking stereotypes and inspiring others.

Raha Moharrak reflected on her challenges and the emotional and mental hurdles of breaking societal norms, emphasizing the importance of changing narratives and continuously proving oneself capable of achieving extraordinary feats. Other panelists shared their sources of inspiration and strategies for overcoming societal judgments, while entrepreneur Rozana Al-Banawi conducted sessions focused on leadership and self-development, creating an interactive experience for attendees.

Through their collective experiences and insights, the participants highlighted the importance of perseverance, authenticity, and empowerment in achieving success and fostering positive change.

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