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Bella Hadid Teases Launch of Orebella Beauty Brand Amidst Diverse Ventures in Beauty and Wellness

Bella Hadid has tantalized her followers with hints about her upcoming beauty brand, Orebella, in a recent social media post. The renowned model, known for her mixed American-Dutch-Palestinian heritage, took to platforms like Instagram and TikTok to share a cryptic teaser video, accompanied by the caption "Ôrəbella founded by Bella Khair Hadid. Reveal your alchemy." The post also included a release date of May 2, 2024. The brief clip, lasting just ten seconds, features close-up shots of Hadid's face intercut with cosmic imagery, ultimately revealing the brand's logo. Gigi Hadid, Bella's elder sister and fellow model, expressed her excitement and support for Orebella with a celebratory message on social media, complete with a genie emoji.


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While the specifics of Orebella's product lineup remain under wraps, a trademark application from 2022 suggests a focus on scented items. The application, filed by BKH Essential LLC, bearing the model's initials, encompasses a variety of scented products ranging from fragrances and body lotions to incense and candles. Within a day of the teaser's release, Orebella's Instagram page amassed an impressive following of 18,000 users. Speculation among fans hints at a potential partnership with Ulta Beauty, fueled by a photo shared by Hadid during a visit to what appears to be the retailer's headquarters on February 9.

In addition to her ventures in the beauty industry, Hadid co-founded Kin Euphorics in 2021 alongside Saudi Arabia-raised Jen Batchelor. Based in Brooklyn, the brand specializes in non-alcoholic tonics designed to elevate social drinking into a mindful practice. Inspired by the Greek term "euphoros," which denotes a state of well-being, Kin Euphorics contains components that are said to improve energy levels and cognitive performance.

Bella Hadid's modeling career includes walking for Burberry, Off-White, and Versace, among others and gracing covers in France, Italy, and Japan, showcasing her influence beyond the runway.

Joining a growing list of celebrities venturing into the beauty industry, Hadid follows in the footsteps of Grammy Award-winning artist Beyoncé, who recently launched her hair care brand Cécred. Beyoncé's collection features keratin recovery technology aimed at nourishing and strengthening all hair types. Meanwhile, other stars like Pamela Anderson are aligning themselves with existing brands that mirror their personal ethos. Anderson's investment in Sonsie, a minimalist skincare brand promoting a 'less is more' philosophy, reflects her own embrace of natural beauty, often seen at high-profile events where she opts for a makeup-free look. 

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