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Melissa Barrera and Bella Hadid Spread Love and Solidarity for Palestine This Holiday

Actress Melissa Barrera and supermodel Bella Hadid recently expressed their support for the Palestinian cause on social media during the Christmas season.

Melissa Barrera, a prominent Mexican star, who had previously played roles in the latest "Scream" films, used Instagram Stories to convey a thought-provoking Christmas message. She urged followers to acknowledge the irony of celebrating the birth of a child who faced persecution and forced migration, drawing parallels to the current plight of millions of Palestinians enduring persecution, targeting, and displacement due to relentless bombings in their region.

Barrera's pro-Palestinian stance led to her dismissal from the lead role in the upcoming "Scream 7" film. This decision by Spyglass, the film's producer, came after Barrera shared social media posts accusing Israel of "genocide and ethnic cleansing" and promoting a passage from Jewish Currents magazine highlighting the distortion of the Holocaust to serve the interests of the Israeli arms industry.

Spyglass responded by outlining its position and stressing that it will not tolerate hate speech, antisemitism, or false claims of genocide. The company cut its connections with Barrera, reaffirming its dedication to upholding moral principles.

Shortly after Barrera's departure, news surfaced that fellow cast Jenna Ortega would not return to the "Scream" franchise due to scheduling conflicts. Director Christopher Landon also revealed his exit from "Scream 7," describing it as a “dream job that turned into a nightmare.” In a post on X, he expressed both disappointment and the need to move forward.

Additionally, Dutch-Palestinian model Bella Hadid decided to show her support for Palestine on Christmas Eve. She posted a picture on Instagram featuring the word "Palestine" forming a Christmas tree, adorned with a dove holding an olive branch, symbolizing peace.

These public expressions of support for Palestine have not only sparked controversy but have also resulted in significant changes within the "Scream" film franchise, underscoring the impact of celebrities' social and political stances on their professional careers. 

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