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Bold Fashion Statement: Laila Rouass, British-Moroccan Actor, Stuns in Palestinian Keffiyeh at Premiere

Actor Laila Rouass, who is British-Moroccan, made a statement at the premiere of "The Edge of Everything," a documentary about her significant other, seven-time World Snooker Champion Ronnie O'Sullivan, by wearing an outfit patterned with the Palestinian keffiyeh.

Along with starring in the movie, Rouass made use of the event to show her support for the Palestinian people in Gaza. She shared with Arab News that she had been profoundly affected by the Israeli violence in the Gaza Strip, emphasizing the constant impact on her thoughts and emotions throughout the day. Rouass expressed her concern for journalists and doctors in Gaza, hoping they hadn't become victims of violence.

Despite her reluctance to dress up for the occasion, she felt compelled to support her partner and found a way to make a meaningful protest. Rouass denounced Israel's actions in Gaza as "repulsive, heartbreaking, and wrong on every humanitarian level" and denounced international leaders for endorsing these measures.

While acknowledging the personal risks, including potential professional consequences, Rouass stressed the importance of standing up for her beliefs. She underlined the benefits of raising public awareness of the situation of the Palestinian people on a worldwide scale.

Laila Rouass, known for her role as Sahira Shah on BBC Holby City, ventured beyond her acting career to share insights on well-being. In June 2022, she launched the WholeAndThenSome platform, aimed at promoting happiness and well-being while assisting followers in maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

Reflecting on her own journey, Rouass revealed a personal transformation from disliking her body and feeling unfulfilled to recognizing that she could initiate the emotional change needed. In her pursuit of happiness, she undertook a Yale University course on the science of happiness. Stressing the science of well-being, the actress discovered that daily and consistent effort toward personal goals, broken into small and tangible achievements, can lead to attainable happiness.

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