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Spiritually Inspired: Swiss Luxury Watchmaker Unveils Timepieces

Aramedes, a renowned Swiss luxury watchmaker, has introduced new designs targeted specifically at women as part of its recently launched Mecca Collection. The collection focuses on incorporating essential features into its timepieces to assist Muslims in practicing their faith.

Muslims worldwide must be aware of the direction of Makkah, the hours of each day's prayers, and fasting periods during Ramadan at all times. However, until three months ago, there was a lack of luxury watches in the market that could provide information on all three aspects.

To bridge this gap, Aramedes developed a sophisticated electronic component that seamlessly integrates into the watch case. This component utilizes software to calculate the wearer's location through mobile radio triangulation. The watch then displays this information on sub-dials. Moreover, the watch discreetly vibrates to alert wearers when it's time to perform the five daily prayers. The watch determines the direction of Makkah based on the wearer's location and displays it on a compass-like dial when the button at 2 o'clock is pressed. Additionally, depending on the wearer's location, the watch determines the times of sunrise and sunset for the day, displaying this data on a panel positioned at the 6 o'clock mark.

Tom Morf, the CEO and co-founder of Aramedes, spoke with Arab News about the Mecca Collection. He emphasized that elements like astronomy, such as sunrise and sunset, are deeply ingrained in the daily lives of Muslims. Recognizing this, Aramedes sought to contribute by creating a timepiece that helps individuals locate Makkah regardless of their position on Earth. Furthermore, they addressed the importance of daily prayer times, the five daily prayers, and fasting during Ramadan, including optional fasting days during the week.

When it came to the design aspect, Morf explained that his team opted for a minimalist approach, adhering to the principle of "less is more." They aimed to create a timeless and understated design, particularly considering the religious context. Morf stressed the importance of subtlety and class when dealing with religious themes.

The collection also pays homage to Islamic culture through its design choices. The watch face features Arabic numerals, while the back of the watch incorporates elements reminiscent of mashrabiya, a traditional architectural style found in the Islamic world.

Morf summarized the Mecca Collection as a discreet timepiece that exudes elegance without being ostentatious. Their goal was to create a classic mechanical watch with special functions that stood the test of time.

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