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A Campaign For Estee Lauder Features Saudi Actress Fatima Al-Banawi

In Estee Lauder's newest campaign, "Together We Shine," which honors Arab women, Saudi actress Fatima Al-Banawi has been given a lead part.

In the past few years, there have been significant changes in the Middle East regarding female empowerment. Women in the region are particularly excelling in a male-dominated field. Estée Lauder introduces the "Together We Shine" campaign to honor Middle Eastern women who, like Estee Lauder herself, have had a significant effect on the local community and environment in order to further solidify this movement. With the success of the "Reach For The Stars" campaign, Estee Lauder wants to highlight trailblazing entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and other individuals whose dedication has resonated and had a discernible influence.

Al-Banawi is seen using skincare products on her face in the brief video posted on the cosmetic company's Instagram page. In the video, she says, “An important aspect is to free oneself from one’s own prejudgments or preconceptions, and it takes a lot of will to do that. I know every woman can do it.”

Al-Banawi, who is most known for her work in the Saudi thriller "Route 10" and "Barakah Meets Barakah," is shown donning a pastel blue outfit against a mountainous setting. She co-stars with Emirati designer Sara Al-Tamimi and Saudi attorney Sofana Dahlan.

Al-Banawi has already demonstrated her support for Arab women. The actress previously told Arab News that she is on a mission to reveal to the outside world the complexity of Saudi women and how that complexity gives rise to great power. Al-Banawi remarked, “Sometimes we think that portraying women as perfect makes them strong. To me it makes them flat.

“Women have different layers, and different sides. Women, like men, are imperfect. That’s what makes us human. I want to give my female characters layers of imperfection — sometimes naive, sometimes selfish, sometimes arrogant — just like the best male characters. Otherwise, they’ll be soulless.” 

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