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Then and Now: 10 Stars from the 90s

Jennifer Aniston

A look at why these 10 actresses became the 90s most beloved stars and how they’re still making waves.

They ruled tinsel town in the 90s with their talent, and thanks to their perseverance and the diverse things they are doing, they are still making headlines today. Whether they have been acting all this time, have made a sudden comeback, promote good causes or inspire others in their own way, these actresses have proved their staying power.

Have a look at how and why these greatest actresses from the 90s are still so significant today.

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts’s career took off after being cast in “Steel Magnolias,” but it was the 1990 romantic comedy “Pretty Woman” that made her a household favourite. Who hasn’t watched it over 100 times? She went on to star in diverse roles, including her part in “Erin Brokovich,”which won her an Academy Award for Best Actress. Other popular movies include “Eat Pray Love” and “Money Monster.”

Her latest work is on “Wonder,” which is based on the bestseller about a boy with facial differences. She is also reportedly set to star in a movie about white supremacists. Thanks to her winning smile throughout the years, the 49-year-old star, who has three kids with husband Danny Moder, will always be a charmer.

Demi Moore

Despite her challenging childhood, Demi Moore managed to establish a career, which really took off with the movieSt. Elmo's Fire” (1985). After becoming a fixture in 'Brat Pack' movies, Moore's biggest career breakthrough came in 1990 with the romantic drama Ghost.” The star, who was married to Bruce Willis during most of the 1990s, also made movies like “A Few Good Men,” “Indecent Proposal” and “Disclosure” during that period. She even made history when she became the highest paid actress at the time for her role in Striptease.”

Moore is now back in the spotlight, looking hotter than ever with her new movies “Rough Night” and Blind.” With her trademark husky voice and striking green eyes, Moore still has a commanding presence wherever she goes.

Elizabeth Hurley

 “Groovy, baby!” Doesn’t the famous line from “Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery,“ the 1997 cult hit that brought so much laughter to many, still sound so cool? Although Mike Myers’s quirkiness in the spy spoof placed him in the spotlight, it wouldn’t have been the same without Liz Hurley. Her great acting, stunning beauty, mod dresses and go-to boots just added so much to its success. The British actress, who served as a long-time Estée Lauder spokes model, is also known for her role as the Devil in “Bedazzled” and the movie “Serving Sara.”

At 51, Hurley is still as stunning as when she showed off that Versace dress held up by safety pins, as she has shown while promoting her eponymous swimwear line and starring in E!'s “The Royals.”

Pamela Anderson

If you were a teenager in the 90s, you know that weekends weren’t complete without watching “Baywatch.” For 11 seasons, viewers watched the team of lifeguards take on various dangers at Malibu Beach, with the show ultimately becoming a pop culture phenomenon. Appearing in seasons three through seven, Pamela Anderson played the team’s blonde bombshell, Casey Jean (C.J) Parker. Do you think Kelly Rohrbach was as good in the recent film adaptation? Anderson, who has been married three times, also starred in two other series “Home Improvement” and “V.I.P.” as well as several movies.

These days, the Canadian with a timeless beauty is busy with The Pamela Anderson Foundation, which she launched in 2014 to help environmental causes and protect vulnerable people and animals. Anderson, who just turned 50, is sporting demure looks and can still leave fans in awe. 

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone famously made headlines and rose to international recognition when she starred as Catherine Tramell in the 1992 erotic thriller “Basic Instinct.” The Pennsylvania native won the Golden Globe Award for her role. She went on to win two other Golden Globe Awards for her roles in “The Mighty” and “The Muse.” Stone, who has been married twice and has three children, was also nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in Martin Scorsese's “Casino.”

More recently, the 90s siren appeared in TV series like “The Practice” and co-starred in “Agent X.” Stone also finished her college diploma online and received a humanitarian award at the Women's Choice Awards. The former model, who was once arguably the most desired woman on the planet, still has the old magic.

Michelle Pfeiffer

It was undoubtedly Michelle Pfeiffer’s breakout performance in Scarface” (1983) that turned her career around. The Californian star with an unforgettable kind of beauty went on to prove just how incredible an actress she is over the next decade and a half. She earned three Oscar nominations in a four-year span for Dangerous Liaisons,”The Fabulous Baker Boys” and Love Field.And whether it was in a romance, comedy or playing iconic Catwoman in “Batman Returns,” the former Miss Orange County amazed. However, Pfeiffer dropped off the Hollywood radar for a long time, only working on low-profile projects every couple of years.

 But now she’s come back in full force and as gorgeous as ever. As well as starring in “The Wizard of Lies,” she has a part in two other movies, including Kenneth Branagh's adaptation of Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express.”

Sandra Bullock

America’s sweetheart achieved stardom with the smash hit “Speed” in 1994 and went on to become one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood. She won an Oscar for her role in “The Blind Side” (2009) and the same year starred in “The Proposal.” Bullock’s success even saw her named as the highest-paid actress in the 2012 edition of the Guinness Book Of World Records.”

In the last couple of years she has made blockbusters like “The Heat” and “Gravity.” We’re super happy for Bullock, 52, as the philanthropist is still blossoming professionally with a lineup of movies, including the all-female reboot Ocean's 8.“  She is also in a happy relationship with boyfriend Bryan Randall, who helps look after her two kids.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman, who recently celebrated a birthday milestone, doesn’t have any plans to slow down. She recently revealed to “The Sydney Morning Herald” she is still “deeply passionate” about her life and career after celebrating her 50th birthday. As well as being happily married to country singer Keith Urban, with whom she has two daughters, the Australian’s career is on a roll as of late. She had a challenging part in mini-series “Big Little Lies,” and the movie “The Beguiled” could well earn her another Oscar nomination.

Kidman has won one Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in “The Hours” earned four Oscar nominations. Kidman is just as captivating as she was when she starred in the first few movies that got her noticed. These include “Dead Calm,” “Days of Thunder” and “Far and Away.”

Jennifer Aniston

You couldn’t mistake that hair anywhere! ‘The Rachel’ was the cut that every fashion forward female wanted in the mid-1990s. However many years have passed, it seems we may always associate Jenifer Aniston with Rachel Green, the funny, pretty and slightly scatterbrained character she played on “Friends.” The character earned the 48-year-old actress many awards including Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe and nominations. While they have unfortunately dashed the thought of a reunion, the NBC sitcom, which ran for 10 seasons (from 1994 to 2004), still delights longtime fans and attracts new ones.

Aniston has also had success on the big screen since then with a mixture of rom-coms and more serious movies like “Derailed,” “Horrible Bosses,” “Along Came Polly,”  “Cake” and “We’re The Millers.” And it seems the gorgeous Aniston, who is loved for her girl next door approach, is still in high demand as she stars in new movies like “Dumplin’.”

Cameron Diaz

The tall, striking blue-eyed natural blonde rose to stardom in the 1994 thanks to The Mask,” her first role on screen. Another major 90s move for Cameron Diaz was playing the role of Mary in There’s Something About Mary.” It quickly became the cult comedy of its time, and she received a Golden Globe nomination as well as the New York Film Critics Best Lead Actress Award for it. The ex model also received Golden Globe nominations for her parts in “Being John Malkovich,” “Vanilla Sky” and “Gangs of New York.” Diaz, who was named the highest-paid actress over 40 in Hollywood in 2013 (making up to $15 million per film), is also of course the voice of Princess Fiona in the “Shrek” series and kicked her way around both “Charlie's Angelsmovies.

Diaz, who married Benji Madden in 2015, hasn’t been in anything since “Annie” but as of 2015, her films have grossed over $7 billion worldwide. We hope to see her back on the silver screen soon, but the 44-year-old hasn’t been linked to any upcoming movies. However, it’s great to see her looking so fabulously happy.


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