The Best On-Screen Couples Of All Time

Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio

When two characters fall in love in a movie, it’s a special sight if it works. You can sense when there’s an electricity in the air between the two of them that makes a movie all the more entertaining for featuring a romance the blooms. Here is AboutHer’s list of the best on-screen couples, where two characters shared hearts and minds to deliver some unforgettable performances.

Han Solo and Princess Leia (The Star Wars Trilogy)

He was a scoundrel of a bounty hunter and she was a princess committed to the rebellion. Sparks flew quickly between these two as a romance soon blossomed in The Empire Strikes Back where they shared a tender moment while trying to escape the belly of a space worm. Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher both have amazing charisma and wit, making for a great couple that begins the trilogy squabbling and end it with a kiss. Even when they meet decades later in The Force Awakens, there’s still something there between them.

Superman and Lois Lane (Superman: The Movie)

The superhero and the damsel have a cute and charming relationship in Donner’s big screen take on the classic superhero. There’s an intelligence and a wit to their personalities where both Christopher Reeves as Superman and Margot Kidder as Lois appear shy and smitten when sharing the screen. For as carefree as Superman seems to be when he is first interviewed by Lois, he’s just as bashful as she is when it comes to answering questions and trying not to intrude. The scene where they fly together through the night sky is oddly romantic as well.

Jack and Rose (Titanic)

Despite only knowing each for a short time on a boat bound for disaster, the couple of Jack and Rose have such a sweet and playful nature that you almost hope they’ll escape the catastrophic event of the picture. Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) has an adventurous nature and Rose (Kate Winslet) the curiosity and determination to take a chance on something new, even if it involves nude portraits and romps in a car. They have only been together briefly, but their romance was so strong that their hearts will go on. Well, one of their hearts did anyway.

Sally and Harry (When Harry Met Sally)

Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan redefine the romantic relationship as their various encounters will go through a rollercoaster of emotions before they marry. They have a remarkable wit with their conversations and chemistry. And how could anyone forget that classic moment where Sally fakes an orgasm in the diner? In the words of an onlooker, “I’ll have what she’s having.”

Sandy and Danny (Grease)

Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta let their hair down and be themselves when coming together for this classic musical. Not only do they make a fantastic couple, but they have some singing chops to boot. Their love is so powerful that it can make a car fly in the film’s unforgettable final scene.

Mia and Sebastian (La La Land)

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are irresistible as the actress Mia and jazz musician Sebastian. They have such a passion for their craft and melody to carry them that they’re electrifying when together on screen. Their presence makes the movie’s many musical numbers of tap-dancing against the sunset and floating among the stars all the more beautiful.

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