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Voilà! ‘Emily In Paris’ Returns, With Surprises in Store

“Emily in Paris” fans will get a few surprises in their Christmas stockings, when the third season of the hit show arrives on Netflix this Wednesday.

Even the cast were shocked by the number of cliffhangers in the new series when they first read the scripts.

“I’m like, how are we going to film all — like, what?” says Lily Collins, who portrays the titular American marketing executive making her social media presence felt in France.

“But it was a real ride. It was a real rollercoaster to shoot. And it was really fun too,” she adds.

Season three provides more career choices, designer dilemmas and romantic revelations for the fashionable female lead character.

Although Lucas Bravo — who portrays Emily’s full-time neighbor and sometime love interest, the chef Gabriel — reckons that she isn’t the only one wrestling with problems this series.

“Before it was only Emily’s chaos,” says Bravo. “Now everybody has his own story with his own chaos. And it’s a big soup of chaos and drama.”

Season one arrived in October 2020, followed by a second last December. Three years into playing their characters, the cast members are keen to point out where their roles start and finish.

Collins — who is also an executive producer — says that she has always fit in better than Emily in France because she actually knows the language and culture.

Which, with Emily’s questionable French pronunciation, leads to tongue twisters.

“It’s a little bit difficult to pretend like you don’t know how to say something,” Collins explains. “To mispronounce it over and over and over again, it’s like ... I just want to answer it fully in French. So it is tricky.”

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