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6 Arab American Online Creators We Love

From beauty, fashion, sports, to comedy, interviews and podcasts, content creator from the Arab region know who to make a splash in whatever they’re pursuing and wherever they are in the world. So let’s zoom in on the United States and check out the 6 Arab American online creators that we love to watch.

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Noor Naim

Noor Naim, otherwise known as Noor Stars is an Iraqi American content creator who was voted Arab woman of the year in 2022, and is the number one female YouTube in MENA region. She currenly lives in Dubai where she creates videos, tips, and guides related to beauty, comedy and vlogs.

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Yousef Erakat

Yousef is a Palestinian American YouTuber who creates funny sketches, interviews, parodies and other blogs. Known as Fousey, he is not venturing into sports as he has returned the previous year with a new YouTube channel that is all about boxing.

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Adam Saleh

Adam Saleh is a Yemeni American video blogger who started his YouTube channel 10 years ago with a couple of friends from high school. He is now most known for his #ArabMom sketches that are hilarious to say the least!

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Nura Afia

Nura Afia is a Lebanese American makeup artist, youtuber, and podcaster, and we absolutely love her content! Her content is quite influential as in 2016, CoverGirl selected her as one of their brand ambassadors making her the first hijabi to be a CoverGirl brand ambassador.

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Reem Alsanea

Reem Alsanea is a Saudi American digital creator who specializes in fashion and beauty. Her aesthetic social media content and fun YouTube channel make for cool inspiration when you are choosing your outfits for your next night out!

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Karim Metwaly

Karim Metwaly otherwise known as Karim Jovian is an Egyptian American interviewer and filmmaker. His content is based on those fin little street interviews we see on our TikTok feeds all the time. The people he meets on the street give quite the interesting conversations, and with Karim’s easygoing and charismatic presence, it’s no surprise that the small videos amass whopping views!

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