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Warner Recorded Music Signs Saudi Singer Dalia Mubarak

Saudi vocalist Dalia Mubarak has been recruited by US record firm Warner Recorded Music in an effort to promote artists from the rapidly expanding Middle Eastern market.

According to Billboard, the deal represents a significant first step in the label's aim to find talent in the MENA area and promote musicians to a wider audience.

On November 22, Warner Recorded Music officially released its agreement with Dalia Mubarak. The 31-year-old singer shared her excitement on social media, “I’m delighted to be signing a recording deal with Warner Music. It’s got the global footprint, cultural connections and marketing expertise I need to help me take my music to even more fans around the world. I’ve already got some exciting projects lined up and I can’t wait to share the details with you.”

The Riyadh-Born Singer has been dubbed "the voice of the new Saudi generation" and seamlessly “blends contemporary music genres, such as R&B, with traditional Khaleeji music from the Gulf region,” which include instruments like the tabl, oud, mirwas, and duff drums. according to Warner's glowing assessment of Mubarak's career.

Additionally, “Areen Al Ashq,” “Beni O Bink,” “Damet Ghala,” and “Fariq An Alnass” are just a few of the successful tracks she has released. They “hold firm messages on women’s empowerment and solidifying Arab female’s position within their society,” per Warner Recorded Music. In 2014, she released "Turn the Table," her debut single.

Max Lousada, CEO of Warner Recorded Music, commented: “The speed with which the Saudi music scene is advancing is amazing, and Dalia has been a trailblazer for change. She symbolizes a new generation of female artists from the country who are rewriting the rules and winning fans across the region and beyond. We’re excited to be supporting the next stage of her international career.”

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