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Chloé collaborates with Lebanese Brand Sarah’s Bag

Sarah’s Bag started off the month of July with a big reveal: an exciting collaboration with French luxury brand Chloé. The Lebanon-based social enterprise was commissioned to re-envision the iconic Woody style.

Chloé is a French luxury fashion house founded in 1952 by Gaby Aghion. Since 2020, fashion designer and creative director Gabriella Hearst has continued Aghion’s legacy to make a positive impact to people and the planet. This is achieved through a plethora of commitments to promote gender equality, provide adequate living wages, build and train a diverse and inclusive workforce, and to ensure their wellbeing and enhance job quality.


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Chloé hasn’t been in the bag-making business all that long. Yet, since 2005, it has released many IT bags. Last year, one of the brands most wanted style, The Woody, was a huge hit amongst the trendsetters and is here to stay for seasons to come. The Woody’s new body is entirely created using a heavy-duty, durable crochet. The choice of a versatile crochet alludes to Mediterranean theme. The bag is trimmed with streaks of rust colored bars, which flank the now identifiable logo-emblazoned crochet handles. Also, it comes in a “nano” size with a shoulder strap.

Sarah’s Bag, is the accessories label and brainchild of Sarah Beydoun. The brand has offered a means of support to disadvantaged or vulnerable women since its inception in 2000. Beydoun fashions and designs the bags while the women, who are taught practical skills, create the trendy pieces in order to generate income. The brand goes beyond a defined style by always pushing the boundaries of creativity and embracing eccentric designs.


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It goes without saying that both brands strive for corporate and social sustainability. Therefore, it is no surprise that Chloé would choose a social business like Sarah's bag to collaborate with to empower women and bring their craftsmanship to the forefront in the fashion industry. As stated in the ‘Sarah’s Bag for Chloé’ collaboration announcement: “the newly coined term, ‘fair luxury’ seems to clearly reflect the ethos of both Chloé and Sarah’s Bag.”

The Woody nano tote is currently being sold worldwide on Chloé’s website in White and Beige, a color combination that reiterates the original design of this IT bag. 

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