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Swarovski Reveals Ramadan Campaign With Mesmerising 82-Screen Showcase In Riyadh

The campaign starring Ola Farahat symbolises hope, faith, love and light, and above all, igniting dreams.

Swarovski, which launched a localised campaign to celebrate Ramadan, chose Saudi Arabia’s Riyadh Boulevard Park to unveil its beautiful story of self-reflection. In a regional first from the Austrian brand known for its crystal craftsmanship, a bespoke 82-screen takeover lit up the capital’s hotspot for one night only during a luxury Suhoor attended by VIP guests.

The showcase blended images of the Ramadan starry night and crescent moon with dancing sparkling crystal pieces in hues of green and gold. The campaign features Ola Farahat, and the Emirati-Canadian style icon is elegantly styled in boldly chic bracelets, rings and necklaces that stand out and make their presence felt, with green taking centre stage. As well as the luxe flexibility of the “Lucent” family in audacious rings and bracelets, there’s the twinkling radiance of the “Constella” designs that hint at better times to come. Plus, there are the “Millennia” pieces that promote a sense of clarity.

Nasr Sleiman, Swarovski’s Managing Director in the region, said the Ramadan campaign eggs on people to reflect on themselves, to observe unity and share gratefulness and benevolence. While commending this journey, the beauty of contemplation and the importance of purpose and passion in life are being acknowledged, he said.

“Presenting our campaign in this showcase environment in Riyadh is a proud moment for us all, cementing the relationship we have, now and in the future, here in Saudi Arabia and across the Middle East region,” Sleiman added.

In the campaign highlighting a night filled with powerful promise, Farahat is seen wondering the magical The Chedi Al Bait. The 100-year-old home, restored as a cultural heritage area in Sharjah, calmly depicts Arabian culture, tradition and hospitality, all prominent during the month of Ramadan.

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