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Britney Spears Has Just Signed A Book Deal For $15M

Britney Spears has recently been freed from her 13 year, painstaking, conservatorship under her father Jamie Spears, and since then has signed a whopping $15 million USD book deal to tell the world of her life under the conservatorship and how it affected her.

Spears’ book deal is with Simon & Schuster and a record breaking one at that. The 40 year old pop princess will use her tell-all memoir to discuss her life events that have allowed her to become the liberated woman she is today. Engaged to Iranian personal trainer, Sam Asghari, Britney Spears fought against the conservatorship for over a decade, and she was finally heard in November 2021 when she was freed from it. The global, social media campaign, the #FreeBitney movement, raised awareness about the way the much loved 90’s pop star was living in a gilded cage with no access to her finances or the outside world.

Since being freed, Britney has gone on to speak about the abuse and trauma she suffered for over 10 years, and that she believes her family should be “put in jail” for the way she was treated by them under the legal guardianship.

Britney’s biography will also challenge her younger sister, Jamie Lynn Spears’s allegations about the conservatorship and her big sister’s behavior in her own book “Things I Should’ve Said.” Though Jamie Lynn has denied making any such accusations at the “Baby One More Time” hit maker, despite having spoken on Good Morning America in which she accused Britney Spears of locking both of them in a bathroom while holding a knife, and described her behavior as “erratic” and “paranoid.”

The world awaits Britney’s own account of her life and the challenges and pressures she faced as a teen popstar. The breadwinner of her family, her finances were withheld from her and her freedom of movement too, Britney sure does deserve to be heard. 

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