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Naomi Campbell Poses With Her Daughter For The First Time

“She wasn’t adopted, she’s my child,” is the quote circulating across media outlets after international iconic supermodel, Naomi Campbell, is seen pictured on the cover of British Vogue, shot by Steven Meisel, with her baby daughter for the first time.

Having always wanted to be a mother, Campbell, now 51, announced the birth of her daughter in May 2021 and conveyed that she was “ready for a new chapter” – motherhood. Never having been pictured before, the star posed for the March issue of British Vogue.

Upon announcing the birth of her daughter in May 2021, Naomi took to Instagram to post an image of her hands cradling her baby’s feet, with the caption, “A beautiful little blessing has chosen me to be her mother, So honored to have this gentle soul in my life. There are no words to describe the lifelong bond that I now share with you my angel. There is no greater love.”

Keeping a lot of her personal life private, Naomi Campbell keeps her baby’s name and any images of her face, under wraps. She told the publication that she can “count on one hand the number of people who knew that I was having her - But she is the biggest blessing I could ever imagine,” she continued. “It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.”

It’s a rare move for women over the age of 45 to choose to have a baby, but it seems as though Naomi has taken on the role flawlessly. Basking with pride about her daughter’s personality, she told British Vogue that her daughter is already quite the globetrotter as she accompanies the model all over the world, and happens to be the calmest little traveler. “I’m lucky my little one loves to travel like me – no whimpering taking off or landing,” she said. She also added that her little one “she sleeps very well, she hardly ever cries and I’m told she’s very alert for her age,” has “just started waving, which is fun. She laughs a lot. She’s almost talking,” and that she may walk before she crawls and likely has a beautiful smile as Campbell added that she has six teeth already!”

Not the first time Naomi Campbell has been heard talking about her daughter, she once spoke to the BBC’s Hardtalk in September 2021, and gushed, “I’m really lucky. I think I have a dream child. She is wonderful. She’s so very independent already. Very smart, alert. Sleeps 12 hours. A good girl.”

Campbell also revealed that she hopes to instill core family values in her daughter and vows to raise her to be a strong, independent woman. 

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