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Bella Hadid Taps Into New Herbal Drink Business

Bella Hadid has spent the best part of a decade gracing the covers of magazines, walking the runway for high-end designers, featuring in ad campaigns, and much more. Now, in a new move, she is stepping away from the bustle of the fashion industry and has just announced a new venture.

Last week, on Instagram, Hadid announced her appointment as co-founder of Kin Euphorics, a herbal drink created to relieve stress and amongst other health benefits. Bella had first tried the conscious, alcohol-free, wellness drink a couple of years ago and referred to it as “one of the most life-changing moments” and believed that “the universe placed it there,” having seen instant results from drinking it, following her feelings of stress, burnout, and low energy.

After strongly believing in the product, she reached out to Jen Batchelor, the CEO and founder of Kin Euphoric, to find out how she could become a part of the F&B venture.

The Brooklyn-based alcohol-free functional brand provides consumers with beverages crafted to relieve stress and alter mood. Kin Euphorics uses blends of nootropics, adaptogen, and botanics to strengthen immunity, relieve stress and enhance cognition. With a focus on physical wellness and the conscious connection of body, brain and mind, the herbal drink is an all over health booster.

One of the three flavors in Kin Spritz and it is packed with nootropics, adaptogens and various natural botanics to enhance cognition, mood and energy. The refreshment boosts flavors of sparkling hibiscus, refreshing citrus, and a ginger kick to provide a refreshing herbal elixir.

The brand’s High Rhode Euphoric Drink is a non-alcoholic euphoric crafted to uplift mood and energy. You can expect mood altering, uplifting nootropics, like caffeine and tyrosine, and adaptogens, like rhodoila. The refreshment is rich in flavors that are grounded in an herbaceous palate including earthy florals, tart citrus and warming spice.

And last, Dream Light Euphoric Drink eases the body’s response to stress, support production of important neurotransmitters such as GABA and serotonin and increases the connection between mind and body. The beverage is packed with nootropics, such as melatonin, B6, and adaptogens such as Reishi mushrooms and passionflower. The refreshment is rich in the flavors of oak, clove, passionflower, gentian and hints of various spices resembling a herbal chai.

All Kin Euphorics products are sustainably packaged, vegan, cruelty-free and plant based, available only in the Middle East on 

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