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These Celebrity Bodyguards Are Stealing the Spotlight

If looks could kill, we'd have a problem.

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Jennifer Lawrence and Greg Lenz
The internet became obsessed with Greg Lenz when he was spotted carrying not only Jennifer’s bags, but also her adorable pooch. When pictures surfaced, Twitter users were the first to swoon, tweeting things like, “this bodyguard is too hot to be a bodyguard”, and “oh, another hot bodyguard”. We can tell he’s no longer just a bodyguard to netizens, he is loved for his model looks and top-notch physique as well.

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Beyoncé and Julius de Boer
Julius ensures no funny business goes down when it comes to queen bee, Beyoncé  When it’s time to protect, he’s done more than go the extra mile- he’s thrown paparazzi cameras in water, fought of fans and paparazzi alike, and cleared paths even when it seemed unnecessary to do so. A Twitter fan said: “There's kind of this running joke that if you want to meet Beyoncé you have to get through Julius first."

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Taylor Swift and Not-So-Happy Bodyguard
Talk about literally stealing the spotlight - one of many Taylor Swift bodyguards proved he was too cool for the ‘happiest place on Earth’. Swift posted a picture of herself, Lily Aldrige, and her daughter having a blast on a Disneyland ride. However, the picture became meme central due to her bodyguard’s super straight face. It’s comforting to know that even when riding a rollercoaster, Swift’s employee was serious at work.

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Adele and Peter Van der Veen
After success of album, 25, Adele hired the hunky bodyguard, Peter. A fan on Twitter joked: “Although I love the new @Adele album, I think I’m more obsessed with her bodyguard.” The Dutch bodyguard also worked for Lady Gaga, won Mr. Europe some time ago, and was a participant in various bodybuilding competitions.

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Kardashians and Tim Chun
He’s been seen with Kim, Kourtney, and Kylie. Whoever Tim Chun is with, he seems to throw bystanders into a trance. A picture of Tim opening Kylie Jenner’s car door, of course, sent Twitter fans into a frenzy. “If Kylie Jenner won't date her bodyguard I will”, one fan tweeted. We don’t doubt that many fans would love to date the handsome protector.

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Katy Perry and Hugh Jackman Doppelgänger
Was Hugh Jackman moonlighting as Katy Perry’s bodyguard? We don’t think the successful Wolverine star needed a part-time job, but Katy Perry’s 2015 bodyguard made fans think twice. We think the resemblance is pretty obvious, but what do you think?

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