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NS by Noof Will Instantly Elevate Your Wedding Looks This Season

The whimsical hand-crafted treasures such as the brand’s jewellery-infused clutches and minaudières add a beautiful magical touch…

As the coronavirus pandemic forced a lot of people to postpone their weddings, chances are you know at least one couple that had to put theirs off. Now that things are improving on the pandemic front, you may find those invites are beginning to pile up. And that means choosing several head-turning pieces that are fabulous enough to get everyone noticing without overshadowing the bride on her big day. The fashion wise know that a piece of jewellery or a fabulous clutch can make or break a look, but just imagine what some arm candy featuring the art of jewellery can do.

Each bag or clutch by NS by Noof is embellished with a kaleidoscopic of semi-precious gemstones that boost energy and augment wellbeing. The brand that was created in 2009 by Bahraini designer Noof Al Shekar is also known for having its pieces encased in 18-carat gold and platinum plated solid brass, hand-crafted by skilled goldsmiths in Lebanon. The designer who explores the intrinsic relationship between architecture and jewellery also makes sure her creations are made with the finest materials like exotic snakeskin, lambskin, alligator and Italian leathers. They also have practical components that make them easy to carry, like detachable 18-carat plated brass link chains.

For those ready to shine and stand out, there are pieces like “Shoug,” an octagonal hard-shell leather minaudière with intricate 18-carat plated brass panelling inspired by abstract architectural motifs. The timeless piece with a modern twist comes with a clasp encrusted with two semi-precious stones and features an 18-carat plated brass link tassel. “Loli,” meanwhile, is a diamond shaped minaudière framed in 18-carat gold or platinum plated brass, with sides coming in an array of leather or clear perspex. And it’s easy to carry thanks to a mini detachable wrist chain with a semi-precious tumbled stone.

For Art Deco fans, there’s the “Daisy” clutch. Inspired by the 1920s, it is made from 18-carat gold and platinum plated brass and a smooth Nappa leather interior and showcases a dazzling bezel mounted closure with two semi-precious stones. And transporting wearers to the glitzy and glamorous Jazz Age is the slender, asymmetric and petite “Karma” crossbody, which has an interior sheathed in an 18-carat plated brass frame. The brand’s signature tassel accented with a hand-cut, semi-precious gemstone also makes it a stunning wardrobe addition. “Noor”, another piece with NS by Noof’s distinctive tassel, is a shimmering minaudière inspired by the mystical mandala. Symmetry and balance are all important in this model that features an octagonal 18-carat plated brass frame, with lambskin leather lining. 

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