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These Celebs Drive The Cheapest Cars

When you think of celebrities and entrepreneurs, you imagine them living in the most lavish homes and driving the most prestigious and expensive cars – but it's not always the case!
You’d be totally surprised at the net worth of some of these infamous stars (and billionaires) and the minimal value, in comparison to their worth, of the cars they actually drive. Thanks to data collated by, we’re able to let you in on what someone as wealthy as Bill Gates actually drives!

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Jeff Bezos, Entrepeneur

Net worth: $186,690,900,000
Car: Honda Accord
Cost of car: $24,964
Using his net worth, Jeff could buy this car 7,478,368 times!

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Daniel Radcliffe, Actor (Drives the Cheapest car)

Net worth: $113,146,000
Car: Fiat Grande Punto
Cost of car: $3,961
Despite earning around $14million USD per year, Radcliffe just wants to get from A to B without being noticed.

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Lady Gaga, Musician

Net worth: $329,152,000
Car: Ford F150
Cost of car: $18,798
Known for her killer music and outrageous fashions, Gaga likes to keep it pretty low key with her ride.

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Mark Zuckerberg, Entrepeneur

Net worth: $108,003,000,000
Car: Acura TSX
Cost of car: $30,858
Zuckerberg is clearly being modest. He could actually by 3,500,000 of these cars with what he is worth.

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Lewis Hamilton, Athlete

Net worth: $293,151,000
Car: Smart fortwo
Cost of car: $16,711
Lewis Hamilton is the ultimate racing champion, and where we’d expect for him drive something sporty and expensive, it seems he gets his fill of the thrill on the race track.

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Adele, Musician

Net worth: $195,434,000
Car: Mini Cooper
Cost of car: $25,715
According to statistics, Adele is the 3rd richest woman in the world with a whopping net worth, she likes to keep it chic and zippy in a Mini Cooper.

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Bill Gates, Entrepeneur

Net worth: $137,832,400,000
Car: Ford Focus
Cost of car: $18,463
Lets put it this way, he could have ANY car he could ever dream of, but he chooses this simple, reliable and affordable car that he could actually buy 7,465,181 times over.

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Justin Timberlake, Actor

Net worth: $257,150,000
Car: Volkswagen Jetta
Cost of car: $16,962
This stylish heartthrob is not as flashy as you may think when it comes to his whip!

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