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3 Parisian Brands We Adore

Wandering in Parisian streets right now may not be as attainable as it was but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring a piece of Paris to your closet. We have rounded up some of our favorite Parisian brands we can’t get enough of. Vive la France!

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1. Rouje

French model and entrepreneur Jeanne Damas represents the epitome of the classic French style. Combining her expertise in the industry and her French je ne said quoi, Jeanne Damas launched Rouje in 2016 with a distinctive line of lipstick and then came apparel and accessories.

Somewhere between Parisian chic and vintage dreams, a Rouje piece will upgrade your wardrobe. A bientôt

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2. Das Mot

The brainchild of Lebanese Paris-based influencer Samar Seraqui de Buttafoco (known as @ulap on Instagram), Das Mot takes on the challenge of the perfect white tea and revs it up with iconic prints.

Whether it’s expressions like ‘Habibi’, ‘God Save Godard’, or ‘Womanist’, a Das Mot tee or sweatshirt adds some quirky attitude to your outfit. We can’t wait to see more from Das Mot! 

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3. Jacquemus

Simon Porte Jacquemus has become a household name in French style. The designer’s contagious charm is always embodied in his collections and miraculous runaways. Chiquito bags and colorful cutouts have become synonym with the brand- as well as his adorable tiny pup.

The star of the show though is Jacquemus’ eternal muse from Marseille, his grandmother, who has donned his clothes in many instances. What’s your favorite Jacquemus moment? 

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