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Set Your Reminders For The Flow Talks Series-Ramadan Edition

In addition to conversations around sustainable eating, mindfulness, nutrition and fitness, the live Instagram sessions feature masterclasses in art and beauty.

The Flow Talks Series – Ramadan Edition is the perfect way to fuel your mind this Holy Month. Designed by Flow, Dubai’s pioneering healthy-eating hub, it centres around conversations about Emirati culture and the values of Ramadan. The live sessions in the month-long series, taking place every Tuesday, bring together an inspirational star cast of experts in art, fitness, nutrition and more. Accessible through Flow’s Instagram page, the free to stream programme delves into a wide range of topics, personal experiences, lessons and motivation set to inspire and engage viewers hailing from different parts of the world.

Here’s who is on the roster if you want to tune in to gain insight into subjects like mindfulness and sustainable eating, Ramadan diets, the benefits of yoga and carrying forward values learnt during the Holy Month. Live masterclasses full of tips on how to express yourself through art and beauty are also just a click away.

INFO: The Flow Talks Series – Ramadan Edition Instagram sessions can be accessed via @flowdubai from 4p.m. to 4:30p.m.

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Zahra Abdalla, April 20

With food being an integral part of Ramadan, Zahra, an established chef, author and food content creator, kicks off the inspirational series. During her session for Flow, the foodie who describes herself as a modern-day Bedouin will discuss the importance of workable ways to eat and mindfulness during Ramadan. Zahra will also share some advice to do with iftar meal preparation.

As a third culture kid, Zahra has had the chance to experience living in different parts of the world. Her home doubles up as a studio, where she creates modernised spins on Middle Eastern food passed on to her from previous generations.

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Nadine Hossam, April 27

Creative make-up artist Nadine will light up Flow’s Instagram by talking about the importance of nurturing your soul and skincare, beauty from within, and staying true to who you are. Plus, she will be dishing out tips, including the right products to use when getting ready for an iftar or suhoor, through an exciting tutorial.

An advocate for expressing herself without limitations using make-up, Nadine is known for inspiring young women.

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Mona Fares, May 4

To engage families and adults alike, UAE-based artist and designer Mona Fares will take the lead for an art masterclass on tie-dying items found at home. So if you’re looking for a creative way to bring some beloved white fabric-based pieces back to life, get those sneakers, T-shirts, jeans or tote bags ready.

Mona, the mastermind behind some of the murals at the iconic Souk Madinat Jumeirah, has acquired a sense of belonging to the local culture. As well as enriching the early Dubai art and fashion landscape with her art exhibitions and unique style, the creative founded the label NEON EDGE. Guided by her love for children and passion for design, she has managed various projects and establishments for children focusing on workshops, events and edutainment.

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Nancy Zabaneh, May 11

Nancy is a pioneer of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fitness in the Arab world and an active Kundalini Yoga teacher and trainer with the New Mexico-based Aquarian Teacher Academy. The leading force, who has been based in Dubai for 20 years, will grace Flow’s Instagram to conclude the series. She will touch on how one can benefit from yoga and how it helps purify the body and soul while controlling emotions. Additionally, Nancy will explain how we can carry forward the values learnt during the Holy Month.

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