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Famous People Who Embraced Islam

These celebrities welcomed their new faith wholeheartedly. For some, we learn how and with others we learn why.

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Janet Jackson
In 2012, the singer married Wissam Al Mana and was believed to have converted right after the wedding. While she continued to pursue her music career, she was often spotted wearing beautiful Islamic compliant attire. In April, she gave birth to baby boy, Eissa.

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Lindsay Lohan
Known for her troubled past, Lohan took a break from the big screen and only engaged in small roles. Emerging from her hiatus, she was seen carrying the Quran. The actress mentioned that her friends in Saudi Arabia gave her the Quran, and it opened spiritual doors for her to experience and find true meaning.

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Ghostface Killah
In an interview, member of the celebrated Wu-Tang Clan stated that he puts God first. He looks into the camera and very proudly tells viewers that he is Muslim, and a very spiritual person. “God is the reason of everything that I do, because he is the one that guides us,” he continued, “Only He is real”

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Cat Stevens
The “Father and Son” singer was always seeking ways to feed his spiritual emptiness, but he found his calling in a near-death experience. While swimming in Malibu, he was caught in a current that pulled him beyond the surf. In that moment he called out to god for a second chance and survived. Shortly after this, his brother gifted him the Quran; now he is known as Yusuf Islam.

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Julia Volkova
“Yes, that's true, I converted to Islam. I recommend it and do not regret it. Islam is my path.” That is what former singer, Julia Volkova, had to say about her new journey on Russian radio station. She made up one part of the racy, t.A.T.u singing duo. Volkova married Parviz Yasinov in a mosque in Dubai, but she took up Islam seriously in Moscow.

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Jermaine Jackson
Earlier we found that his sister embraced the faith, but so did he. Jermaine Jackson was searching for completeness and to be made whole. When he took a trip to Mecca he converted right then and there. “It was a calling that was in my heart, and the right time to do it.” He also spoke about brother, Michael Jackson, who loved to read the Islamic books he brought to him.

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Felixia Yeap
The former Playboy bunny embraced Islam in 2014. She took up her faith in the Tamun Tun Dr. Ismail Mosque in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia. She posted this message on Facebook for her massive following to see: "I hope everyone will pray that I will be steadfast and committed in my new journey. Only Allah can repay all those who prayed for my new life."

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