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This Female Owned Luxury Bag Label From Bangkok Is Everything

Javamond and Mother

According to luxury bag connoisseurs, there isn’t anything more luxurious than a well-made bag; unique in design and made with the finest leathers and exotic skins. When it comes to style and luxury, we look no further than Javamond Youngprapakorn – one of the co-founders of S’uvimol.


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Founded by Patcharapimol Youngprapakorn and her three daughters, Javamond, Bhonbhisa and Sivanuj Pavarodom, S’uvimol is the first all-female owned exotic skin accessories label that is highly celebrated in their country of origin, Thailand. Having launched the label in 2011, the luxury label marries timelessness with a contemporary feel and design and is now well known within the right fashion circles all over the world, from fashion editors and global celebrities to social media style gurus.


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Each S’uvimol design is eye catching and fit for style and purpose, and had a chat with Javamond to learn more about where S’uvimol began, sustainability, dressing up in a pandemic, and an exclusive first look at the brand’s newest design, “The Envelope Bag.”

As a family owned, female led business, tell us a little about S'uvimol and where it all started for you... 

My mother, Patcharapimol Youngprapakorn grew up in the crocodile farming business with her father, so she has been engaging with this unique animal for her whole life. Because we are crocodile breeding farm specially for exporting skins to many tanneries and brands, my mom has worked closely with material sourcing team from many top brands, she has become proficient in skin grading. She also understands very well how to lay a bag pattern on crocodile skins. She knows which parts of the skins suit best in which products. With a passion for fashion and her experienced expertise in crocodile skin, this is the beginning of my mom's thought to establish her own exotic skin bag brand.

What is it about exotic leathers that inspires your creations?
To me, exotic skin is so special like a painting. The patterns and textures of each skin are naturally beautiful. Its charming and amazing characteristics inspire me to create a bag that will serve as a perfect frame to show its uniqueness.

In a world of luxury brands, how does S'uvimol stand out against leading competitors?


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I think S'uvimol is different from other brands in that we position ourselves as "Queen of Exotic", we specialize in making only exotic skin bags. We provide customers with exotic skin bags in many lovely designs and colours. We also provide customers with many exotic skin species such as Crocodile, Ostrich, Lizard, Python and Stingray. S'uvimol is a perfect option when anyone is looking to have stylish exotic skin bags.

As women, who are family, and business partners designing coveted luxury bags for other women - who is the S'uvimol client?
S'uvimol clients are successful and unique women. Our customers are talented, strong and special in their expertise. Carrying and owning S'uvimol bags are a way of rewarding her for her hard work.

With so much talk and focus within the fashion industry about "sustainability" and responsible fashion, is this something that is important to S'uvimol? 


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Yes, S'uvimol also values "sustainability" I think our bag is a great choice for this specific matter because S'uvimol bags are made from genuine exotic skins which are very strong and durable material and will last a life-time. Our designs are classic and timeless, not fast-fashion that customers will use for a limited time and are linked to a fleeting trend only to discard or store the bag away when the next trend comes along. S'uvimol bags can be used everyday, making it worth the investment.

Running a luxury business, how has the COVID-19 pandemic affected you/your business and the way it operates?
COVID-19 positively forces us and I believe all other brands and many businesses to focus so much more on "shopping online". Before, we put our energy mainly in physical retail stores, but now we have more items available online and offer international shipping all over the world. Now our international customers who cannot visit Thailand yet, can shop S'uvimol bags on our website.

With people quarantined and not dressing to go out as much, how do you think S'uvimol has adapted or related to fashion's current status quo?


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I think a S'uvimol bag is actually the best final addition to complete any look, even when you are not dressed up. During COVID-19 people are limiting the places they are visiting such as only visiting the grocery store for example. They might be wearing something simple and easy, such as t-shirt and jeans, however, I think by carrying an exotic skin bag will immediately elevate the total look by effortlessly adding a sense of style to it.

What do you hope to see for the future of fashion post COVID? 


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I think fashion is everywhere and everyday, even during COVID, I see so many creative and lovely masks and even many stylish stay-home outfits. People who love fashion will always live with fashion even in the pandemic. I strongly believe after COVID, the fashion industry will be more creative with the resources they have and they will support local materials more and design products that aim to incorporate local materials as COVID affected the international supply chain.

We love the S'uvimol concept, stunning colours and designs - what can we expect from your next collection and when is it being launched? 

Thank you so much! Our newest design is "Envelope Bag" which is perfect for everyday use, I derived this design from the popular "Baby Mail To Me" but the new "Envelope Bag" can fit all phone types and is now available at Bloomingdale's Dubai Mall and Bloomingdale's Kuwait. Customers can also shop online now at

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