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Christian Louboutin Introduces Active Styles with ‘Loubi-Athlete’ Line

Christian Louboutin’s boundary-pushing “Loubi-Athlete” collection, inspired by athleisure, will give you a head start in the race for snazziest footwear.

Creative, innovative designs have always been a Christian Louboutin trademark and the new autumn/winter 2017 “Loubi-Athlete” collection is proof that’s not about to change any time soon. The Parisian designer has tapped into sneaker fever, creating a collection inspired by the energy of athleisure. And the bold, colourful styles showcase the delightful touches of eccentricity, whimsy and joie de vivre the maison is also known for.

The assortment of boots and sandals feature dramatic and distinctive soles with cut out arches topped off with rubber. As well as the signature Christian Louboutin red, most of the styles have contrasting white trimming on the soles for a sporty look. Additioanlly, the ”Crampetta,” “Athletika,” and “Lolacrampon” have dual construction heels, with a thin red stiletto against a thicker block heel behind it.

It’s a colourful collection with spirited combinations and striking colour blocking in lots of Magma orange, Jungle green and Atlantic blue. Some of the footwear can even be worn for evenings out. The “Crampetta” features a metallic gold heel, while the “Alantic Forgeron,” a mule-ankle boot hybrid, has a glittery statement heel.

The terrain may be urban, but there will always be unexpected fun-filled adventures, and the “Loubi-Athlete” collection offers an undoubtedly playful grip.

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