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Loopagoon: The World's First Ladies Waterpark in Saudi Arabia

Sometimes, girls just want to have fun and one waterpark in Saudi Arabia is providing exactly that: an exciting mix of rides, slides, and attractions for girls and women of all ages! Located on the shores of Half Moon Beach, Al Khobar, Loopagoon is the first major water park of its kind in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.

Inspired by the beautiful lagoon waters of its location, the 15,616 square-meter waterpark was developed by Dana Bay and Jenan Real Estate and offers visitors 12 state-of-the-art rides, slides, and attractions, as well as varied shopping options and great food. The water park has also been designed to be easily accessible to all guests, which means providing handicap access to some of its top rides. 

Surrounding the space are tall, charming walls, ensuring that guests enjoy full privacy while having tons of fun. The space has been designed to offer the eyes pleasurable scenery time and again, with beautiful theming, landscaping, and Mediterranean-style architecture. Once inside the park, there are women’s locker rooms located near the entrance, as well as baby changing station, showers, changing rooms, and towel rentals. There are also multiple restrooms located throughout the park.

When it comes to Loopagoon’s attractions, the most loved ones are arguably its massive water slide tower featuring 11 unique attractions; its 14-meter-wide Tornado, offering riders a zero-gravity experience as they virtually free fall; and its two Twisters, perfect for those who enjoy speed. For the more adventurous visitor, the space offers body boarding and surf lessons given by professional coaches on the giant Flow Rider, a 10-meter-wide continuously flowing sheet of water. 

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