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3 Saudi Women Bursting With Creativity

Discover, connect and be inspired by these women who are training their creative muscle in awesome ways.

Caption: Sara Salhab’s image via "Under the Abaya" (left), Hayat Osamah (centre) & Sarah AlMaddah (right)

While the Kingdom’s creative industry is replete with successful women, we have chosen to focus on these three young, stimulating and powerful artists. As well as having an impact in their respective fields, they are redefining Saudi’s creative space and helping inspire the new generation. Get to know them!

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Sara Salhab

One way to instantly make a dreary day brighter is to scroll through Sara Salhab’s Instagram accountIn love with expressive hues, the peppy graphic designer with a wide-ranging style is known for infusing her artwork with a riot of colours. 


Une publication partagée par Sara S ~ سارة (@sarasalhab) le

Salhab’s free thinker sprit and love for adventurous escapades also makes her account a go-to for those who love travel as much as her. Whether enjoying skiing in Italy, discovering a far-flung locale or a jaw-dropping spot right in her homeland, like Rijal Almaa or Madain Saleh, this creative is “dreaming in colour.”   

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Sarah AlMaddah

Sarah AlMaddah is the perfect example of the muliti-disipilinary creativity that’s flourishing amongst Saudi Arabia’s youth. The Dhahran-based architect, artist and graphic designer finds happiness in crafting beautiful things, from paintings and sculptures to music. 


Une publication partagée par ساره المدّاح (@sarahalmaddah) le


Une publication partagée par ساره المدّاح (@sarahalmaddah) le

 While portraiture painting is the American University of Sharjah’s graduate artistic niche, her work in hand crafting and fabrication is also extremely impressive. AlMaddah, who is interested in brutalism, organic forms and finding sustainable solutions for design problems, is working at Afniah Engineering Consultants and hopes to head her own design/fabrication lab and art studio one day.   

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Hayat Osamah

Fashion photographer Hayat Osamah has made a name for herself while creating a thought-provoking perspective on Saudi Arabia. The Riyadh-based self-taught snapper is committed to showing a more diverse and truthful side to the Kingdom by capturing its underground youth culture. Osamah simply loves to zoom in on those who are “raw, unique and themselves,” as she told “Grazia Middle East.” 


Une publication partagée par حياة (@hayatosamah) le


Une publication partagée par حياة (@hayatosamah) le

The film photography fan feels a responsibility towards inspiring young creatives and even launched her own online project, Recent Magazine, to support them by showcasing their work. Whether she’s experimenting with her sisters, taking snaps on the streets or working for companies like Diesel, Farfetch, “Vogue” or Sunnie, she’s certainly switching up how people look at Saudi and its residents.   

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