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The Conscious Luxury Bag We All Need

It's a Dubai based brand!

With the world wising up to the concept of sustainable fashion and taking a more conscious approach to consumption, there is a brand that is executing style and sustainability in the most perfect way.


Working against throwaway fashion, mass production, ephemeral trends, HALM values the traditional talent of artisans and true craftsmen and women. The Dubai-based Swedish brand cherishes the authenticity of nature, appreciating a beautifully crafted bag that will grow year after year more gracefully.


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HALM produces Limited Edition bags skillfully crafted in Italy by experienced artisan-manufacturers and assembled from the finest French, Italian and Swiss suppliers of components; including genuine, full grain leathers sourced from an exclusive French tannery, Italian custom loomed cotton-linen lining, bespoke palladium hardware, signature HALM Italian woven handles and straps.

Quality and attention to detail are at the core of the brand and that’s why their most iconic styles, the Boxer and Chilluxe, are the everyday essential and effortless styles that work perfectly with any wardrobe. Just launched in versatile pastel tones, both styles are not only stylish, but practical.

HALM, The Boxer in pistache & green herringbone.

The Boxer is a modern yet minimal and happens to have a sports-luxe edge as it is spacious and made from 100% genuine French leather, featuring HALM’s palladium hardware, leather top handles and a removable strap.

HALM, The Boxer in poudre & latte lait

For the working girl in the city, the Chilluxe might be the bag you’ve been looking for since forever! With only 50 of these produced, this hard to get bag is on all our wish lists as it’s made from the finest French leather and velvety nubuck. A signature silhouette for the brand; the Chilluxe is soft yet defined, and elegant yet chilled.

The 4 Boxers

The only problem we have is deciding on a color! Available to shop at 

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