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Saudi Milestone, King Abdulaziz University Launches A New MA in Theater Literature

Arabic language & literature lie at the heart of the exciting curriculum...

As Saudi Arabia continues on its journey towards diversify its economy and particularly developing its cultural, art, and entertainment sectors, various institutions – both private and public – have been following suit, with the most recent one being King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah. The renowned institution announced this week that it is introducing a Master of Arts in Theater Literature at its Department of Arabic Language and Literature, a milestone not only for the university but for the Kingdom.

To mark the landmark announcement, Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Culture Prince Badr Bin Abdullah Bin Farhan took to twitter to express his excitement and to point out that “theater and cinematic arts are a step toward our cultural renaissance.”

Dr. Abdul Rahman Raja Allah Al-Sulami, who is a member of the university’s Scientific Council and head of the Department of Arabic Language, also spoke on the occasion, explaining that the program is one of the many ways through which the university is aiding the nation to achieve its Vision 2030 goals, as theater often acts as a mirror that reflects society and emphasizes its underlying issues, as well as its great potential.

Established in 1967, King Abdulaziz University has made headlines many times since its formation, most recently for setting up a women’s faculty of tourism campus in an effort to increase women’s participation in the workforce and promote the country’s tourism sector.

Now, the institution’s recently launched MA is set to offer students an in-depth exploration of the literature and history of theater, probing the historical significance of dramatic works, and similar majors across the globe typically includes training in acting, directing, and writing, as well the critiquing and interpreting of plays. 

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