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The Red Sea Project Identifies A Stunning Location To Build The Luxury Resort

Best part? The construction result will exist in harmony with its beautiful natural surroundings.

We could all use an escape right now and the Red Sea Project just gave us one. The company behind the world-class tourism project, the Red Sea development company has identified the optimal positions for the resort’s so-called “overwater assets”, which will be located around four key islands along the Red Sea Coast.

“The marking of locations for our overwater assets is another milestone reached for the project, and is indicative of the progress being made at the site,” CEO of the The Red Sea Development Company, John Pagano said.

The Red Sea Project believes in sustainability and the importance of nature conservation and so, the structures will not change or destroy any part of the stoning coastal location. Pagano assured that the “overwater assets” have been carefully chosen to coexist in harmony with their environment. Villas and restaurants are parts of these structures, which also include arrival points for hyper-luxury hotels tucked away on the Sheybarah South and Ummahat Al-Shaykh islands

How did the Red Sea Project team insure than no underwater life was damaged?

A team of experts embarked on local boats to navigate the enriched coral reefs in the area to place buoys marking the locations of the structures. Cooperation with TRSDC construction teams, surveyors, snorkelers and scuba divers led them to position the structures to minimize the effects on the environment. “The operation also determined the optimum locations to allow them to function as part of a luxury resort, taking into account construction challenges,” according to Arab News.

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