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Saudi Arabia's Amaala Is The Island Of Your Dreams

Best part? This promising project stands by sustainability and conservation of its stunning untouched ecosystem.

Saudi Arabia is serious about boosting its leisure and tourism industry, and from its construction of super cities and revamping heritage sites to make them tourist friendly, to hosting huge music and cultural festivals, the Kingdom is currently working on a new luxury coastal destination... 

'Amaala' sits between two giga-projects; NEOM was the first luxury destination to be announced in 2017, and The Red Sea Project followed with a view to turn the Kingdom’s coastline into a luxury resort with its own “independent laws.”

Located in the Red Sea Riviera on the Kingdom’s northwestern coastline, the new island is an art lovers' dream come true! Amaala will be home to an 'artist village' boasting an modern art museum and arts academy, an Arabic botanical garden, an artists’ colony, and immersive art-filled experiences.

Arabian Business reported that Nicholas Naples, the CEO of Amaala had stated, "We are excited to be working alongside Jean-Michel Gathy and Denniston to bring to life our vision for The Island. It is here where our guests will embark on a transformational journey and feed the soul through arts and cultural offerings, with opportunities for philanthropic art co-creation."

Considered one of Saudi Arabia's biggest tourism project, Amaala will cover 1460 square miles of land along the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Nature Reserve. 

All the while keeping sustainable standards, the all-emcompassing island offers over 200 retail, recreation, dining and wellness spaces as well as 800 residential units. Amaala predicts to generate over 20,000 jobs in tourism, retail, leisure and hospitality, and not to mention construction. Putting the utmost conservation of the coast's eco-system at its forefront, Amaala will consist of 3 different sites focused on lifestyle, luxury living, and wellness.

The Coastal Development
A major destination for travel and luxury connoisseurs, this area of Amaala will feature a modern art museum and cultural attractions like an upcoming Global Village. Aside from all-thing art, the coastal develpment plans to host major events that will attract the influencer community.

The Island 
The Island will feature a plethora of arts shops, exhibition spaces, working art studios, with a view to host artist communities at its beachfront resorts and marinas.

Triple Bay 
No luxury destination is a complete without a wellness retreat, and Amaala’s wellness space will be set against the serene backdrop of the sea and mountains.

Triple Bay plans to offer up exclusive retreats, a sports performance academy, and sports club facilities such as polo, camel racing, golf, tennis and more.

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