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Celebrities Take The Viral #StayHomeFor Challenge To Contain COVID-19

Make sure to keep the chain circulating if you get nominated…

One bright spot about the coronavirus pandemic is seeing our favourite celebrities doing what they can to boost our morale. We’ve had musicians like Keith Urban and John Legend livestreaming concerts, Anthony Hopkins treating us (as well as his cat) to some awesome piano tunes and Lizzo hosting a live meditation for people feeling anxious.What’s more, A-listers have been using their platforms to spread the word about important measures, like taking up self-isolation and practicing social distancing, which could go a long way in preventing the spread of the disease.


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 One of the biggest initiatives is from Kevin Bacon, who kicked off the #StayHomeFor challenge. The 61-year-old star’s aim is to get other celebrities and people to share who they are staying home for on social media in a bid to keep everyone safe and healthy. As well as promoting self-isolation and keeping a certain distance from people, the challenge gets you thinking about who and what you feel passionate about protecting.


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 TheFootloose star posted a video to Instagram with a sign saying he is staying home for wife of 32 years, Kyra Sedgwick. “If you’re home too like me, post a video or photo with a sign like mine, telling who you are staying home for and ask six friends to do the same,’ he wrote. "The more folks involved, the merrier—we're all connected by various degrees (trust me, I know!).”


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 The last comment is in reference to how it’s long been believed that Bacon is connected by six degrees to any Hollywood actor through his wide-ranging filmography. The actor then tagged six celebrity friends, Jimmy Fallon, Elton John, Brandi Carlile, Kevin Hart, Demi Lovato and David Beckham, and asked them to post about who they are staying home for.


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 Lovato, who has 79.1 million followers on Instagram, was one of the celebrities to take up the challenge. “There's a lot of things going on in our world right now, but if there's one thing that matters it's spreading love," the singer wrote in her post.#StayHomeFor my parents, my neighbours, and my health." Elton John and David Beckham also responded to Bacon’s social distancing challenge.


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 The growing list of other celebrities who have been imploring people to do their part include Eva Longoria, Millie Bobby Brown, Elle Fanning and Ellen DeGeneres, who nominated the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Michelle Obama and Leonardo DiCaprio.


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