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Celebrate Spring With This Kylie Jenner-Approved Face Filter By A Dubai Influencer

With the butterfly representing change, hope and new life, this face filter is a perfect way to celebrate spring and cheer us up during quarantine.

You know you’re onto something special when Kylie Jenner endorses it. And the pretty and fun Stormi Butterfly filter created by Sophie Katirai seems to be the perfect way to celebrate the beginning of spring on social media.


Une publication partagée par Sophie Katirai | صوفي | Dubai (@sophie) le

The Dubai-based influencer and make-up artist, who created the face filter in eight hours, was inspired to design it after seeing a photo with three gorgeous four-winged creatures in Jenner’s hair. She spotted the image of the Kylie Cosmetics Founder, which was part of  the Stormi collection campaign shoot, on Instagram.


Une publication partagée par Kylie Cosmetics (@kyliecosmetics) le

 “I found the look SO beautiful and immediately wanted to recreate it as a filter. I started right away, drawing butterflies and animating them, and then recreated Kylie's beautiful make-up,” Katirai told Cosmopolitan Middle East.


Une publication partagée par Kylie Cosmetics (@kyliecosmetics) le

Katirai, who has a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design, posted the filter on her stories and left a comment for the entrepreneur who built one of the fastest growing beauty labels ever. She also let Ariel Tejada, the make-up artist behind Jenner’s beauty looks, know about her creation. Jenner’s team then contacted Katirai, letting her know she had the thumbs up. “I feel so lucky to have been able to use my passion for art, design and beauty to create a filter for one of the most iconic beauty brands today,” Katirai, who has dedicated lots to time to learn about augmented reality filters, said.


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Apparently, Jenner was so impressed, she bought the rights to use the filter across her channels. We can’t wait to see if there will be any more Jenner-approved filters from the talented Katirai.

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