4 Reasons Why Yayoi Kusama’s Installation In Al Ula Is A Must-See

Step into the ethereal space of the Japanese artist from the heart of Saudi Arabia.

Buzzy Al Ula in Saudi Arabia takes another leap in the art world and continues to impress locals and tourists alike. Aside from the expected Desert X art show happening in KSA’s Coachella, renowned Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama’s signature infinity room landed in Al Ula, as part of the Winter In Tantora festivities. The new entertaining addition is welcoming visitors, here are reasons why you should add this otherworldly destination to your bucket list.

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1. Kusama’s “Brilliance of the Souls” fits like a glove in majestic Al Ula

One-of-a-kind Al Ula houses a brand new stunning mirrored concert hall, which is where Kusama’s exhibit is taking place. The Maraya venue and the art show meet at a common ground: they’re mirrored and ready to bedazzle the onlooker. In Kusama fashion, the hall itself is also covered in mirrors on the outside, intending to blend into the surrounding rocky landscape of AlUla without disrupting the natural beauty of the location. Read more about his architectural gem here.

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2.The tantalizing world the Japanese artist exceeds visitors’ expectations

Whether or not you’re into art, there’s no way you won’t feel lured into Kusama’s galactic vision. Her infinity room installations are actually the artist’s way of coping with her own vivid hallucinations she used to have at 10 years old. Hala Tashkandi from Arab News uniquely phrased visitors’ experience: “The ‘Infinity Mirrored Room’ is deceptively small at first. It is a totally reflective space with water surrounding a small platform on the ground for visitors to stand on, observers are instantly immersed in a different, ethereal world once the door closes behind them.” How could you capture the exceptional setting of multicolored hanging lights at different levels mimicking stars and planets? Pictures will never do Kusama’s imaginative installations justice; only your eyes can rightfully experience how a room fitting two people transforms into an inter-galactic world.

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3. Witnessing the Yayoi Kusama’s is a lifetime opportunity

A global contemporary creative force, this 90-year-old multimedia artist shakes up museums all around the world with her infinity rooms, dotted pumpkins installation, and other conceptual art with feminist underlays. This polyvalent female artist has broadened her artistic portfolio with sculpture, installation, painting, film, performance, poetry, fiction, and even fashion. It’s then no surprise that the culturally inclined line up and wait for hours just to be allowed inside one of her mirrored infinity rooms for 30 seconds.

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4. Concert goers can enter Kusama’s bedazzling world for free

Although priceless, Winter In Tantora’s concertgoers can access “Brilliance of the Souls” free of charge. Running till March 20, 2020, interested people can visit Experience Al Ula for more information. We don’t know about you but we can’t wait to add even more magic to our next Al Ula visit!

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