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Finally, The Incredible Mirrored Concert Hall Opened in Al Ula

Winter at Tantora is coming! Punny reference aside, the newly inaugurated Maraya Concert Hall is now hosting incredible international acts for the seasonal festival in Al-Ula.

 Next to UNESCO heritage site Al-Hijra, Maraya stands out with jaw-dropping architecture: a completely mirrored facade reflecting the natural environment of Al-Ula. This standalone venue bedazzles the onlooker with the reflection of mountains, cliffs, and an overall sandy color palette. The Royal Commission For Al Ula (RCU) meant for this modern phenomenon to extend the volcanic environment.

“AlUla is a place of heritage for the world and this is our 21st century realization of our vision to create a cultural hub, with Maraya as a stunning centerpiece venue for world-class events, performances, celebrations and business gatherings,” RCU CEO Amr Al-Madani told Arab News.

The 500-seat capacity hall binds geology, music, and modern architecture into one magical space. With a stunning desert setting to boot, Maraya is a wonder on its own and offers a unique excursion for music lovers to experience. During Winter at Tantora, Yanni, Andrea Bocelli, Lionel Richie and others will showcase their skills at this incomparable venue.

“The reflection becomes an immersive connector and balance, giving to us the burden and responsibility of our own image merged with the landscape,” Amr Al-Madan added.

As part of Al-Ula’s cultural manifesto, Maraya serves as an invitation for the global entertainment scene to share talent in the heart of Al Ula. The manifesto calls for era-defining monumental works to infuse this iconic destination with their art.

 “Al Ula will be considered an arts destination that continues to be built by artists, breathing imagination, inspiration, and expression into AlUla’s infrastructure, buildings, daily life and visitor experiences,” read the statement.

Check out the upcoming events and booking details here.

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