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Nicki Minaj Praises the Kingdom’s New Laws on the Male Guardianship System

Urging for media outlets to keep spreading the news that Saudi Arabia has now passed a law, by royal decree, that women no longer need male consent to travel, Nicki Minaj took to social media to push the headline. The female rapper, famous for hits including Anaconda and Starship, has been keeping her ear to the ground when it comes to the kingdom’s women’s rights movement, following the cancellation of her performance at Jeddah Season.

Celebrating Saudi’s announcement that Saudi women over the age of 21 will no longer need male consent to travel or apply for a passport, Minaj took to Twitter where she retweeted the news and called for media outlets to spread the positive news about Saudi’s new strides for gender equality.

Saudi Arabia’s new laws have finally met the demands of the women who have tirelessly campaigned for years against the male guardianship system which was initiated by a far right understanding of the Sharia laws. Over the last 2 years, the kingdom has taken major steps in their efforts to encourage gender equality and the empowerment of Saudi women, including decisions for them to obtain high ranking positions in the government and within large companies, granting women their right to drive, and making a woman’s consent to marriage compulsory. 

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