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8 of Our Favorite Lana El Sahely Style Moments

Street style comes from the youth culture. Not the models; the regular people, the fast go-getters, the women and men on their phones scurrying around trying to run a piece of their own world. It's not just about fashion and style, it's about making a statement – does anyone remember when Maria Grazia Chiuri's feminist t-shirts for Dior stormed the streets? It's candid, it's raw, and it springs from the grassroots of accessible fashion, and we've got our eye on one street-style player that has been serving semblances since 2015.

When Lana El Sahely does fashion weeks, we're not only in line for some excellent coverage, but we prepare ourselves for the bomb street style she's going to bring. From romantic, flirty to rocker-chic, her wardrobe is incredibly versatile and tends to cater to many tastes. The blogger-turned-entrepreneur combines different elements like an avant-garde power-jumpsuit with 1950s flapper gloves, or a full-on head-to-toe looks by regional designers, which she champions quite a lot and emphasizes on wearing them while preparing her FW wardrobes. Click through for some of her best street fashion.

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1. Perhaps this look makes the top of our list. Reporting from PFW FW19, Lana's outfit is by Efrain Mogollon paired with Linda Farrow sunglasses and an Okhtein bag. This camel jumpsuit is commanding power with the double-breasted silhouette and the hyperbole of the sleeves. However, we would say the last component that grounded the whole outfit together and managed to teleport the Lebanese entrepreneur to the ranks of the high-positioned senior street style officers were the dashing gloves. They bring us back to 1950s, not just because of the obvious resemblance to that time, but because the accessory actually belongs to stylist Francesco Casarotto's grandma - Lana borrowed them for the show. This look by Venezuelan designer was amongst the most photographed in PFW.

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2. Couture Week SS19, and she's back in Paris. It's an Elie Saab ensemble and you can spot the Lebanese designer's creations from a mile away. Among Saab's biggest supporters, Lana is seen several times wearing the brand, and even recently shot for the new fragrances. That season, Elie Saab fashioned a melting pot of floral patterns that were seen beautifying the fashion week streets as hoards of style-hustlers sported the design. Of course, leave it to Lana to find that one thing to separate her from the rest, and not surprisingly it's her head. The dreamy and wishful hair clips are a collaboration between her own e-shop, LDL (L'armoire de Lana) and Sophia Beirut, a local Lebanese brand. Hair clips and headbands were massive that season.

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3. This majestic crimson puffiness is owed back to French fashion designer Alexandre Vauthier. Strutting the streets of PFW SS19, El Sahely looked effortlessly chic and winter ready. There's nothing much to this outfit in terms of intricate details, but the casual styling is what makes the look a memorable one. The belted form of the jacket gives the wearer some command of the piece, instead of drowning in it, and the Roberi & Fraud glasses are the je ne sais quoi hint that is needed when hitting the streets during fashion week. Her chilled-out jeans and luxe sneakers were a breath of fresh air amongst the rest of the  fashion troopers.

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4. It's couture week again, and it's Elie Saab again. Feathers have been making a comeback last year and although some people just can't seem to accept the trend in fully, other people like Lana El Sahely has been gradually spoon-feeding the masses on how to. Simple black leggings with suede thigh-high boots, and just slip on this convoluted piece of art exquisitely crafted by Saab. Although this look dates back to last year, we proclaim it a 100% relevant in our present day. FYI, Lana was pregnant here.

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5. All Chloé for Chloé SS17. Let's notice what Lana did here; she utilized a pair of oversized jeans with the remarkable zipper element to her favor by adding accessories that don't overwhelm it, a black sweater and the medium Faye bag. It wasn't sunny but the look needed the iconic Chloé shades. The only outsider in this outfit is the Balenciaga shoes, but that last stroke deemed itself a crucial finishing touch to the outfit. This is how you make your denims the winning part of your outfit, as opposed to being just a buffer.

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6. Avid fashion readers sometimes notice that street style can a bit crazy to the point where it's not street style anymore; as in it's not accessible, it's not salable, and it just won't do for the person running around on a daily basis. Perhaps this fact is one of the most important ones to mention when talking about Lana's choice of wardrobe. Although she brings on high fashion that comes along with a price tag not too many people are keen on buying; however, she never fails to show us accessible style and commercial fashion technique. Here she is wearing all Dior except for the shoes and jacket. The boots are Andrea Wazen, and her jacket is Yves Salomon, which she proclaims has kept her warm all throughout her day around in Paris.

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7. The chic combo we've been spotting around all winter; black attire with outstanding shoes – preferably velvet or suede sock boots. Lana's velvet dress, purse, and earrings are Saint Laurent, and the shoes are the famous Oscar Tiye buckled velvet boots that sought much attention that season. This ensemble is always a killer, as nothing can stop a little black dress with ostentatious heels from rampaging and creating havoc - in a good way, of course.

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8. A conflicted-print t-shirt paired with an asymmetrical skirt, underneath a big black fur jacket and glittery shoes, yet the ensemble seems in perfect and ultimate euphony. This genius outfit, which happens to be one of our utmost favorite looks, is a Lebanese designer Hussein Bazaza creation, minus the boots which are Oscar Tiye. We adore this on Lana, and we love how she full-heartedly supports her hometown designers whenever she gets a chance to.

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