Hair Clips and Headbands Dominated this Fashion Season: Here’s Some Inspo for Your Next Outfit

Head accessories were all the rage this fashion season, they were seen on everything from models like Kaia Gerber to influencers like Lana El Sahely. Some headbands were used as a flagrant bright accessory to add the final touch to an outfit, other hair clips were firm statements of social activism with words like GIRLS and FEMME, proving that the celebration of womanhood is eternal and chic.

However let’s come back to real life away from the glamour of European street style; is this a trend we can pull off? Most definitely! Your mothers probably rocked headbands and hairclips with flare, high-waisted jeans and a tied-up shirt long before you thought it was cool. If you’re old enough, you could have even worn them to school on your best outfit day.

In Milan, Prada showcased their SS19 collection with matching headbands and top. In Paris, the home-grown brand Chanel was met with a fan wearing the iconic interlocking CC all over and a quaint white headband to compliment it. While Copenhagen showed us how to wear testimonial hair clips and look fabulous while at it.

So how to pull it off? We’ve rounded up our favorite picks of head accessories from the streets to the runways to give you all the inspiration you need. Next time you want to add that little va va voom to your outfit, click through here:

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