#BalanceforBetter: 7 Fields Where Saudi Women Have Successfully Integrated Themselves

In honor of this year’s International Women’s day theme, we want to highlight the incredible achievements made by Saudi women this past year. The phenomenal females of the Kingdom managed to crush through fields, previously dominated by men, and assimilate themselves efficaciously. Balance for better and balance for best depicted flawlessly by Saudi Arabian women, take a look for yourselves:

First sports commentator, first head of the sports federation, first university to open sports classes, all these firsts have enabled Saudi women to find their passion and strengthen their talents in athletics. Once the chain started, the kingdom's female athletes have never looked back creating a ripple effect like no other.

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Perhaps the most famous news yet regarding politics and diplomacy for Saudi women is the appointment of Princess Reema as the first female ambassador to the United States of America. People have been exuberantly conversing the ground-breaking news since the day she was allotted on February 23rd. But it didn’t start there, as Saudi women have also been selected to be Shura council members, associates to key ministries in the country, and diplomatic envoys, leaving no territory unmarked.

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Finance, economy and commerce, fields also being pushed around by Saudi women. Financial analysts, stock exchange brokers, and bank CEOs are all positions held by women that have excelled in them. Venturing into previously no-woman land, they have shown that they can put their analytical minds and achieve anything they want to. Lubna Olayan is merely one name, as there are several other Saudi females that have proven that this industry is not reserved for just one gender.

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Who said cars for toys only for men? Saudi women have been participating in mechanic workshops, and learning all the basics in auto-shops. With the rise of Saudi women drivers, the market responded. Car maintenance is undergoing a rebirth in the kingdom, and since the day Ayesha Al Mutairi and Fawzia Al Ghamdi were spotted in an auto-shop, the news has been global as well.

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Medicine and Science
This year has also witnessed the rise of Saudi nurses positions, in addition to numerous other medical and scientific achievements. A Saudi woman discovering a flaw in a Google security system, another Saudi woman being appointed as the head of a research committee for Cancer, yet another Saudi woman saving the lives of car accident victims, and the list goes on.  

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Retail and Entrepreneurship
With the number of Saudi woman-owned firms exceeding 5000, the entrepreneurship field has witnessed an outbreak. Leading and driving businesses into success, Saudi females have put their hearts and minds into pushing forward the country’s retail sector, and not only that, they are one step away from dominating it, as Saudi women now occupy almost 50% of the kingdom’s retails jobs.

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Justice and Law
With the country experiencing a massive 300% increase in female lawyers, the Saudi justice system is bound to receive an uprising. The guardianship law and the underage marriage decrees are just a few of the laws being confronted by Saudi women (and soon to be legislators) in our present day. With this staggering increase in the law field, change is bound to happen, and we’re sure that the Saudi women will be at the forefront of it.

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