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The Best Ways to Accessorise (Part 1): Jewellery

Useful tips for accessorising the right way to add the right magic to any outfit.

Accessories have just as much significance as clothes, with the two working together to create a look that expresses your style and who you are. They can also dictate the difference between casual and smart casual. While they can really smarten you up and highlight the mood and attitude you want to emanate, accessories can be tricky to navigate, sometimes even ruining a great dress. As part of our ‘Best Ways to Accessorise’ series, we share a few pointers to keep in consideration when you feel really stumped about how to add some stylish finishing touches.

How to Accessorise with Jewellery
Big jewellery can really be a great way to add some zing to your outfit. For special evenings, there’s nothing classier than a big pearl necklace with an elegant black dress and sexy heels. If you want to go for a bright and chunky necklace, which is perfect with an open neckline, it’s better to stick to neutral coloured clothes. The same goes for earrings, as you should aim to draw attention to the statement jewellery and prevent a “busy” look. For the same reason, when it comes to eye-catching clothing, for example something with this season’s stripes, animal prints or polka dots, opt for a simple, long silver or gold chain. Bijuox rings are also fun, colourful accessories that can inject some punch to your outfit, but reserve them for nights out rather professional settings.

Matching Jewellery
You can combine a few large accessories together, but avoid wearing more than three or four pieces in total. Multiple bracelets are perfect for experimenting with, taking into account the colours, style and material should be uniform. If you have a whole jewellery set, it’s better to avoid wearing all the items together, unless they’re small in size. A stack of delicate necklaces or rings can make just as much a statement as one large piece when they’re paired together properly.

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