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MC in KSA: Mariah Carey Stuns in Concert and Saudi Twitter Users Respond

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Mariah Carey was in concert yesterday at the Golf Tournament in King Abdulaziz Economic City in Saudi Arabia. As she worked that incredible voice all night, hearts were fluttering, dreams were coming true, and emotions were being poured onto social media. All the love that was being shown on Saudi twitter was truly amazing, have a look:

1. Saudi twitter was up in flames as the songbird took the stage:


2. She performed their favorite songs, and they were ecstatic:


3. Some were paying tribute to the legend with the sweetest words:


4. While others were simply "shook": 

5. 2019 was made for some Saudi fans:


6. And the hardcore ones documented, every, single, song:


7. The concert was filled with special personal moments:


8. Of course, twitter users didn't forget to thank the kingdom for this huge event:


9. and thank Mimi herself!


9. As she truly deliverd awe-inspiring notes all throughout:


10. Fans couldn't even believe what was happening:


11. As they expressed their gratitude to having her in the country:


12. To simply put it, dreams were fulfilled that night:

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