Lifestyle Website AboutHer.com Launches Power List: 20 Saudi Arabian Women in Finance, Economy, and Commerce

Since 2017, women across Saudi Arabia have been achieving a myriad of milestones, from driving in public for the first time in decades, to driving economic growth and societal betterment through establishing lucrative businesses, launching innovative initiatives, and breaking into various sectors that were traditionally occupied by men. Indeed, it has been a groundbreaking period for Saudi Arabia spearheaded by women who continue to push boundaries, set new standards, and pave the way for others to pursue their dreams.

To mark this milestone transformation in the Kingdom’s history, lifestyle portal AboutHer.com has put together a list of that celebrates 20 of the country’s most innovative, inspiring, and exceptional women from the finance, economy, and commerce sectors. The list, which was consolidated by a committee of peers, comprises a wide range of Saudi female role models such as: Lubna Olayan, CEO of Olayan Financing Co. and previously on Forbes’ Most Powerful Arab Women list; Sarah Al-Suhaimi, the first Saudi Arabian woman to be elected chairperson of the Saudi Stock Exchange; and Dr. Afnan Al-Shuaiby, the first woman to have been appointed Secretary General and Chief Executive of the Arab British Chamber of Commerce (ABCC).

Following Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman’s ascension to his role last year, Saudi Arabia has been pushing for more women to take up top leadership positions, it has reformed different facets of its legal structure to provide women with more rights, it is transforming its public sphere to be more accommodating to women, and it has created more opportunities across various sectors for women. Under the Crown Prince’s leadership, the country has been focusing on realizing Vision 2030, an ambitious plan that is set to significantly transform Saudi Arabia, a key part of which involves reforms designed to allow women in the country to contribute to economic development.

AboutHer is a website dedicated to covering stories that highlight the roles and realities of women in Saudi Arabia that often go unmentioned, with the ultimate aim of broadening the narrative of Saudi women in the media. From sports, to film, to lifestyle, to stories that inspire, AboutHer addresses the contributions and important role of Saudi women in the Kingdom’s advancement and journey towards modernization.

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